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On the way to Victoria…

28 Nov

vancouver city

victoria plane

My puppy is built for snow!

27 Nov

Striking a pose…

kylie winter 2006


24 Nov

WEEKEND LOVE FORECAST: The Sagittarius sun pushes us out the door and into the world for new spices to add to our love soup. ARIES: Being in love keeps you up at night, a head full of ideas that may or may not be true. TAURUS: Your traditional approach to dating is officially stale. Get new information and a different approach. GEMINI: When you spend time with your crush, it becomes less of a crush and more of an actual relationship. CANCER: You make initial contact. It’s all-important. However it goes, the rest of the relationship follows suit. LEO: Avoid even mentioning your “ex.” At all. VIRGO: You’re down to earth, sincere and funny. What more could a partner want? You’re perfect! LIBRA: You and a partner have differing ideas about what’s romantic — go with your partner’s idea. SCORPIO: Little gestures tell on you. When you love someone, you can’t help but give this person your undivided attention. SAGITTARIUS: You watch for a signal to proceed in love, and you’re very successful because you’re willing to wait. CAPRICORN: When you’re comfortable, you can enjoy yourself. So get comfortable. Let yourself warm into romantic situations. AQUARIUS: Love feels like a bungee jump. PISCES: Friendship is the anchor that keeps a romance alive and well.

For Friday:

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You voice a happy tone in spite of inconvenience or discomfort. It’s like you’re singing in the rain. It’s just one of the ways you enforce and nurture your outstanding character.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). The stars favor your financial dealings, especially if they involve the far-off future. Time is the most important factor in your financial plan. Figure out a way to make time work for you by stashing a little money away every day. 

Sephora Friends and Family Sale and free sample set (not at the same time)

20 Nov

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Day 5 of water advisory

20 Nov


Tall, dark and handsome… no?

14 Nov

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Weekend Love Horoscope

11 Nov

WEEKEND LOVE FORECAST: With Mercury transiting retrograde, the path of love turns, climbs, dips and curls. You won’t know what’s coming next, so relish where you are. A general love tip: The best communication is nonverbal. ARIES: Romantic strategy is your forte. Think it through to the end before you make the first move. TAURUS: Releasing the need to control is your key to romantic success. GEMINI: Your sparkling wit attracts easygoing companionship. CANCER: You’re compassionate and empathetic, so those who need care will get it from you. LEO: You tempt and are tempted. VIRGO: Your judgment is sharp; be the leader in love. LIBRA: Twice-told tales change in the telling. Be skeptical until you hear it from the source. SCORPIO: You’ll meet new love pursuing matters of health, sports or family business. SAGITTARIUS: If love doesn’t totally go your way this weekend, it’s not all bad. Feeling unsatisfied also makes you feel more alive. CAPRICORN: This is no time to be coy. Tell loved ones what you expect. AQUARIUS: Remarkable people come into your social picture when you are trying to do all you can for yourself. PISCES: Someone misses you and will be thrilled if you call.

So it means that you go out and party… I stay home and hide. THOUGH… I know I should give a friend in HK a call!

Free ride

9 Nov

dog cat mouse flea

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We all had a little conservative in us at one time…

9 Nov

CALGARY – Premier Ralph Klein stunned a crowd at a Calgary charity roast in his honour Tuesday night when he told a joke focused on the romantic life of Liberal MP Belinda Stronach.

Reaction so far has ranged from distaste with one Calgary alderman at the event calling the premier’s remarks ”sexist” and the event’s satirist Bob Robertson saying he would never tell a joke as ”blatant” as Klein’s to those who say the comments were made in a comedic venue and it’s just Klein continuing the colourful political behaviour that has defined his career.

Most of the Calgary Homeless Foundation roast, which will be Klein’s last, featured jokes from former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna and Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel. But late in the evening Klein said during his rebuttal speech: ”Now Belinda roasted me as a Conservative but of course now she’s a Liberal. And I wasn’t surprised she crossed over I don’t think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body. Well, except for one.”

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Mascara isn’t the only thing on your lashes

8 Nov

Oh lord… why did I have to open this link?