Weekend Love Horoscope

11 Nov

WEEKEND LOVE FORECAST: With Mercury transiting retrograde, the path of love turns, climbs, dips and curls. You won’t know what’s coming next, so relish where you are. A general love tip: The best communication is nonverbal. ARIES: Romantic strategy is your forte. Think it through to the end before you make the first move. TAURUS: Releasing the need to control is your key to romantic success. GEMINI: Your sparkling wit attracts easygoing companionship. CANCER: You’re compassionate and empathetic, so those who need care will get it from you. LEO: You tempt and are tempted. VIRGO: Your judgment is sharp; be the leader in love. LIBRA: Twice-told tales change in the telling. Be skeptical until you hear it from the source. SCORPIO: You’ll meet new love pursuing matters of health, sports or family business. SAGITTARIUS: If love doesn’t totally go your way this weekend, it’s not all bad. Feeling unsatisfied also makes you feel more alive. CAPRICORN: This is no time to be coy. Tell loved ones what you expect. AQUARIUS: Remarkable people come into your social picture when you are trying to do all you can for yourself. PISCES: Someone misses you and will be thrilled if you call.

So it means that you go out and party… I stay home and hide. THOUGH… I know I should give a friend in HK a call!

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