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Fed-Ex receives divorce news – caught on camera

8 Nov

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The View celebrates Britney leaving Fed-Ex

8 Nov

Christmas specials (to get now) at Sephora

7 Nov

fresh christmas setFresh A Spoonful of Sugar
What it is:
A trio of Fresh sugar-laden fragrance favorites in a gorgeous gift box.

What else you need to know:
Set includes a 0.5 oz Lychee Sugar Eau de Parfum Spray (a blend of lychee flower and sweet sugar), 0.5 oz Sugar Blossom Eau de Parfum Spray (sheer floral with hints of Italian lemon), and a 0.5 oz Lemon Sugar (refreshingly sweet with sugar-dipped lemon rind).

$35usd. I paid $22 for a small bottle of Lemon Sugar. With this I get 3 and just toss in bag. But then, I’m into more complex fragrances, but these are refreshing and light.

sephora pink tiered train case

Sephora Black Lacquered Train Case
Our slick, black patent leather, double-layered case contains two compartments: the top tray contains a mirror and seven brush slots and the bottom tray is spacious enough to carry all of your makeup and skincare items – plus room to spare. This chic accessory is all pulled together with vibrant pink zippers and trim. Perfect for use at home or away.

$35usd. Will buy depending on how big it is.

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Shoe and penis size conversion

7 Nov

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Noteable gossip of the day

7 Nov

Britney Spears files for divorce from K-Fed/Fed-Ex  Good thing she has a iron-clad prenup, but didn’t we all see this coming? Now if only Justin would break up from Cameron and get back with Brit… willpower working overtime today.
Kathy Hilton is proud of Paris’ Sex Tape Like mother, like daughter. Maybe it’s because I’m chinese, but why?

Anna Nicole Smith’s C-section video Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Victoria Beckham blogs!!!!

6 Nov

I cringe to say that I am obsessed with Posh… and this just feeds the need. Now I can watch her shop (with commentary) and get ready for her public!! I’m such a hardcore fan it’s pathetic.

Usually I would cut Becks out, but this is for Grouchy, whose face I wouldn’t hesitate to photoshop into the pic. =P

I can’t believe I missed Ugly Betty this week!

6 Nov

I have been watching this 17 second clip continuously for the past 5 minutes. 5 minutes = 300 seconds. 300 seconds divided by 17 seconds is……………………………………………

Salma Hayek is my idol.

Concerts to see

6 Nov

Grouchy… we will TRAVEL too see these concerts if they ever happen. However, Seattle or Portland is the farthest I’d be willing to go!

  • Britney Spears (the Comeback!)
  • Spice Girls (Reunion, if they ever get back together)
  • Justin Timberlake
  • N*SYNC (not likely to get back together – see above entry)
  • Janet Jackson
  • Mariah Carey (yes I still regret missing out the first time)
  • Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to know all the songs (well for the above, I think we already do)… a campy selection, isn’t it? There will definitely be dancing in the aisles! Add more!

Please don’t procreate

4 Nov

French ad encouraging the use of condoms. I love how they are so offensive.

Source: dlisted

Horoscopes for the weekend

4 Nov

WEEKEND LOVE FORECAST: Mercury’s retrograde brings new meaning to the words “star-crossed lovers.” LEO: When you’re with that person who makes your heart beat faster, the whole world looks different. PISCES: You find harmony where there used to be a clash.

For Friday Nov 3: LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Experience is growth. You don’t have to try to be better, you need only to show up to new experiences, and you get better naturally. Tonight offers wonderful conversation. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Friends compete for you. Luckily, there’s room for more than one number on your speed dial. The safest thing to do is to make each person feel like your favorite.

For Sat Nov 4: LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Special moments of solitude put you back in touch with your highest ideals — if you don’t have time, make time. Tonight, you attract more than your share of attention! PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Responsibilities sneak up on you. When you’re walking your talk, you’ll probably wonder why you talked so much! Your accomplishments are remarkable as a result.

Grouchy: Read both of my Friday ones. LOL.