Horoscopes for this weekend

1 Dec

WEEKEND LOVE FORECAST: ARIES: While seeking love and encouragement, you’ll wind up inspiring someone else. TAURUS: Your choice is between a good reputation and a good time. GEMINI: Though you flash your winning smile, inside, you may be stewing over something that happened many moons ago. CANCER: You know how to honor others with your attention, and for this you’re let into a circle of equally gracious people. LEO: Romance comes to your life like a cat. Chase it, and it runs away. Ignore it, and it purrs at your feet. VIRGO: Romance has funny moments. Cue up the laugh track inside your head. LIBRA: Your cooking does something wonderful for a relationship. SCORPIO: The one you’re completely comfortable with is your best company this weekend. SAGITTARIUS: Your tension melts away, and a romantic problem solves itself. CAPRICORN: Dates have a fabulous time getting to know your family. AQUARIUS: Your heart is hungry. Feed it by seeking to connect with quality people. PISCES: You’re vulnerable, and others relate to your humanity.

For Friday / Today:

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). One of love’s paradoxes is that it demands plenty of freedom in order to feel completely committed. Fellow water signs can help you out with money, love or both — that’s Cancer and Scorpio people.

Pisces: Sun is in Sagittarius, Moon is in Aries. You remember things that other people like, and other people like that about you. And, it can help your career, but only if you’re sincere. Love 5/work10/communication7


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). When you’re in a good mood, everyone hums to your tune. But if, this afternoon, you find yourself in a sour mood, it’s better not to leave the house until you’ve coaxed yourself back into a sweet one.

Leo: Sun is in Sagittarius, Moon is in Aries. Make a list of all the stuff you’ll be, do and have by this time next year. It’s early but the odds are in your favor now. Love10/work5/communication5

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