Perfume thoughts

15 Dec

Returning to Sephora:

1) Prada’s The Devil Wears Prada Tendre Set: Why? B/c the miniatures are smaller than I had expected. The Prada Intense it too intense and even though I love amber scents, this one made everyone around me go into a sneezing and wheezing fit. The original is nice and I might consider buying a full bottle, but there are more appealing amber scents out there (like Hermes Ambre Narguile). The newest addition to the Prada family is the Tendre scent, which I find is too distant from the other 2. Grouchy said I smelled like her grandpa. Nice, but that’s not who I’d like to remind you of. Besides, it’s too generic and synthetic.

2) Fresh’s Cannabis Santal: Grouchy calls it the “fuk me” scent. I don’t know what’s she’s been doing and where (j/k!!) but it does smell masculine and a bit sweaty at times. Like it, but is making me nauseous these days. I’m beginning to find that I like amber a lot, but patchouli is iffy (Cannabis Santal, Prada and Angel has it). If I really can’t take it I’ll just get a decant or a sample, not full bottle worthy. Oh how I wish it worked on me!

Perfumes I wear a lot these days: Parfumerie Generale Brulure de Rose (perfect for everyday! a cold, metallic rose that blossoms then dies), Hermes Ambre Narguile (bottle worthy! a sweet amber), and Paul & Joe Bleu (just amber).

Perfumes I am going to get: Parfumerie Generale Yuzu ab Irato (for next summer), L’Artisan Parfumeur Fou d’Absinthe (for spring), Comme des Garcons Kyoto from the Incense Series 3 (for now), Susanne Lang’s Layering Wardrobe.

If you ever have time, spend an hour with Naz at the Perfume Shoppe. She is simply amazing and has introduced me to the best and exclusive perfumes in the world, and found me my signature scent!. I am never buying a designer/department store fragrance again! (hopefully).

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