Flare horoscope 2007

8 Jan


LOVE – In March, May and early August, you could be planning the wedding or thinking about joint real-estate. In mid- Feb and toward the end of June, watch for overly high expectations (his? Yours?). You may find your partner too weird for words around April 29th. He is an independent entity and his unusual qualities might work for him even if they don’t for you. If you just can’t reconcile yourself to love’s imperfections, forget the serious stuff and dance the year away looking hot and having fun.

WORK – You’ve done nothing but work for the past year and a half. Don’t stop now. Trust your ambition even as you calculate the odds of ultimate success from June 25 – Aug 6. The good news is, by Sept you should be seeing the rewards of your hard work. And the more creative you are, the more successful you will be, at least until mid-Dec. In fact, come mid-Nov, take a rest and survey your accomplishments for a while.

MONEY – All hard work turns into money this year. By fall, you see the beginnings of a return on the investment of your efforts over the past 2 and a half years. There could be anxiety and upset in March and Sept. Avoid this by accepting that sometimes change can be an improvement! Keep your own financial counsel from Feb 13 – March 7. You could learn a lot. From the end of July until mid-Oct, be organized – manage and consolidate. Eventually, this becomes a good habit.

ADVENTURE – If it’s creative or involves love, take it on. Around the end of Jan and from the end of April until mid-May, as well as the first half of Oct, even great adventures will be filled with unexpected events. Another approach: seek adventure where unpredictable events might add to the fun, such as art, love, and education. Mid-March and the first half of Aug bring calculated risk, generally in your favour; this is a better time for physically demanding adventure. Thenm in the first half of Dec, you are compelled toward an adventure of the heart.

 TIP – Follow you heart, ask the right questions, fear not.


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