Flare horoscope 2007

8 Jan


LOVE – Men are so unpredictable, esp in April – most markedly on April 29th. You may think you want a relationship, but it’s possible that the truth is not quite what you think. You may be the one who enchants and delights, but you are also the one who cannot be captured. All this starts to change in Sept. That’s when you really consider the who, what and how of relationships. By mid-October, you may be thinking seriously about settling down. Don’t forget you need some time alone to keep a relationship healthy.

WORK – This is an awesome year to shine your light in the world. Leave no stone unturned when trying to realize your ambitions.  At time it may feel like total overload (the end of January, the middle of May, the first half of October), but your achievement star is high in the sky. Do not be daunted by unrealistic expectations (yours of the other guy’s) in mid-Feb, at the end of March,, or at the end of May. These are checkpoints to see if you are on the right track. Prepare to experience the power that comes with success in the first half of December. You are the one holding the reins here.

MONEY – It is a year for success, but money follows only in fits and starts. Best time for making it is May 15 – June 25. And if you’re thinking about saving this cash for a rainy day, the rainy day comes after Nov. 1st. This may be from debt you take on between June 15 and July 7. Forewarned is forearmed, so watch what you spend in June and you’ll be fine after mid-Nov.

ADVENTURE: Avoid adventure Oct 11-Nov1. Otherwise, be open to all, esp the adventures that offer themselves to you through your career path. Excellent prospects for this kind of thing arise in the middle two weeks of March, in late April, and in early May, as well as the first half of August. By December, you could take a break from adventure and still have a good time.

TIP – Embrace the chaos.


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