Forecast 2007 (from creators)

22 Jan

ARIES: All years are not created equal. This year outshines the last. So you may want to do a review, somehow documenting the highlights of 2006 just so it doesn’t get eclipsed by 2007, and so you don’t forget all that groundwork you did to allow 2007 to unfold so graciously. LOVE: You can’t help but be gleeful when relationships are useful as well as emotionally satisfying. The right person can improve your living quarters and give you the career push you need, too. March and June are favored for hot dates and new connections. September is commitment time. CAREER: The second week of February brings the motivation you’ve needed to step it up. There’s a chance to move laterally in October, but this turns out to be a jump in pay and in power. ADVENTURE: July is your best vacation month. A getaway with friends in September is just as exotic, though it’s rather local by comparison. FINANCE: A solid investment made in April enables you to have more choices. Don’t let loved ones influence you in August. You’re a maverick. What works for others won’t work for you, and what works for you is unreachable to others.

TAURUS: This is a year of opening for you. You’re ready to accept that your way, though it’s gotten you this far, isn’t the only way. Meaningful events are often small this year, but what blossoms out of them is a profound and vibrant way of seeing your world. LOVE: It’s about time you started accepting adulation — no more getting embarrassed! You deserve to be doted on, and there are remarkable individuals who actually need to give you attention — it fortifies their soul. In a weird way, this is your year to give by getting. CAREER: You seek greater influence over your working environment and get it just as soon as you step up your personal discipline. Smart habits are lucrative ones. Beware of dicey situations in November that may massage your ego, but do the same for your wallet. ADVENTURE: It’s up to you to pack excitement into your year. If you don’t make the effort, adventure won’t come hunting you down this time. Your adrenaline pumps through June. October is a winning time to take your vacation. FINANCE: You aren’t about to let unconscious attitudes about wealth keep you at the same level. That’s why January and February see you trying on new ways of thinking and educating yourself.

GEMINI: A genius year! Even if you’re not a card-carrying Mensa member, this year is marked by flashes of brilliance. Of course, in order for these ideas to have any sway over your life, you have to act on a few of them. May is a time when your ideas turn into real-life things that can be bought and sold, used and appreciated. LOVE: February is truth-telling time. Honesty keeps relationships fresh. March brings new meetings and intellectual connections that quickly blossom into emotional connections. An August wedding is memorable. CAREER: January brings a shuffle in your career realm — colleagues leave, bosses change, and there is new blood to motivate your competitive spirit. Your underused talents become viable in June. ADVENTURE: You can’t stand to waste money this year, and therefore you demand that your vacations pay you back in some way. Bargain experiences in May have to do with knowing the right people. A venture that’s half-fun, half-work is ideal in July. FINANCE: You purchase something at the right price in August and hold on tight. In later years, this will pay you back threefold at least.

CANCER: This year isn’t designed to keep you comfortable, but you’re handsomely compensated for any inconveniences you experience. Chalk it up to the costs and rich rewards of personal growth. January brings just the risky opportunity you need to start this year off on a high note. LOVE: Your environment greatly affects your love life in March, so make sure to put yourself in situations with people you admire and aspire to be like. CAREER: New friends help you land in a prime position in April. Keep your contacts strong all year with your caring attitude, remembering birthdays, calling often, etc. A deal you put together in March plays out beautifully, setting you up for a nice payoff in November. ADVENTURE: You aren’t even trying to fill your life with thrills, but it happens anyway, especially where children and playful family members are involved. You’re good to go in June and will be invited to far-out places. FINANCE: You’re feeling generous now, but by March it’s time to be budget-conscious. Cut out the extras, and put all your energy and resources where you’re likely to get a fruitful return.

LEO: It’s a breakout year for you — glass ceilings, personal boundaries and creative limitations are all shattered within the next three months. LOVE: Fabulous partners give you a zippy, snazzy feeling, especially in the spring. You have the instinct to choose them wisely in May. For those looking for new love, you’re highly compatible with Virgo and Sagittarius people. Beware of carrying too much of a loved one’s burden in July. CAREER: You set a powerful goal in January, and it has a definite cutoff day. The closer you get to your goal, the more there is to do. But no worries. This is the pathway of success, and you’re willing to do what it takes to make things happen. ADVENTURE: Others may not understand your version of fun, but that doesn’t make it any less of a thrill. Solitude and intellectual journeys provide spiritual resonance and mental stimulation that’s exhilarating. Fitting in with a new group of people in June is also an exciting victory. FINANCE: Making money has to do with being on the same page as those you’re in business with. Where there’s a streamlined and simple approach, you see lucrative results.

VIRGO: The thrills you used to dream about as a child return to you this year. Connecting with ambitions of bygone days gives you vitality and optimism — what could be more attractive? The next three months are busy, social and filled with options. LOVE: Settle in with someone by April. Work and finances go better when your love life is decided. And for those of you who decided long ago, April is a lovely time to recommit and figure out the new direction your shared life should take. CAREER: A coach, mentor or boss will be very influential. Accept that you don’t know how to get there, and the directions you get in June, followed precisely, will be a straight shot. ADVENTURE: Your talent for distinguishing the finer points of a deal is put to excellent use during your leisure time. For one thing, the specifics make or break your vacation in August. FINANCE: Fear disappears when you know you’re making the right move. It may take you several months to be sure about an investment or financial change, but there’s no big hurry. Wait until you’re sure, even if it takes until November.

LIBRA: This year features your sensational rise to a position or state of being you’ve wanted to inhabit for several years now. Before the winter is over, the information you needed clicks into place, and, for the first time, you know how to get there. LOVE: The changes that occur in this area of your life are remarkable. It doesn’t always take a revolution to change someone’s mind or handle a squirrelly situation, but if revolt seems necessary, you’ll go there. A sweeter, softer, easier side of you emerges in May. You’ll be taking care of people who need you. CAREER: You’re going about business in a politically savvy manner and therefore find yourself in favor with fellow diplomats. It’s who you know, and you leverage those relationships in March. ADVENTURE: April is your wild time. Unpredictable circumstances land you in the most unusual places. The last week of October is also a highlight. You’ll never look at the world the same way after this excursion. FINANCE: A well-constructed financial plan is your ticket to higher earnings. The worst thing you can do, though, is project too low. You’re capable of attracting the big numbers, especially in June. Expert help is recommended.

SCORPIO: This year is a boisterous chapter in your life, filled with raucous fun and numerous reasons to celebrate. You’re emotionally hardy, and from this place you will fair well in tougher environments. You use your true grit to get the prize. If you don’t know what you want yet, shoot for something difficult. It brings out your best. LOVE: February brings a break in your favor. You no longer need to sacrifice your own comfort to make someone happy. Those who love you accept your quirks and admire your power. Spring continues the trend. No changing, coddling or catering necessary. You’re strong, and that’s the way loved ones prefer you. Leo and Aquarius people in particular are fools for your charms! CAREER: In May, a new responsibility falls to you. There’s a jump in pay in July. A lull in August gives you a chance to renegotiate — or perhaps decide on another career trajectory entirely. ADVENTURE: August is your chance to walk the streets of cities you’ve never seen. In September, a relationship with someone very different from you is almost like traveling to a new world. FINANCE: You’re saving to make one big purchase at the end of the year. A fabulous investment in November will bring returns for years to come.

SAGITTARIUS: You have so much to be grateful for in life that it almost feels greedy to want more. But it’s not. This is your year to consider the universe a lush and abundant place. Dare to ask for what you want without worrying whether you’re worthy. You become worthy as you make yourself ready to receive. LOVE: You are well-matched in relationships, especially with the new ones that come in February. Be sure not to take core relationships for granted when you get very busy in May. Make the effort to keep special people emotionally close. CAREER. There’s a delightful twist in April that colors your work the rest of the year. If you can avoid signing contracts in June, you won’t be sorry. ADVENTURE: The best things happen when you go where the climate is a big change from what you’re used to. You love your life more because you taste other people’s lives for a week in August. FINANCE: New streams of income have to do with taking the initiative to get educated and aligning yourself with those who seem to be having an easier time making money. The first week of April is pivotal.

CAPRICORN: Steadfast Saturn supports you in your efforts to achieve something momentous this year. In March, your pet project is embraced by the one who can take it to the next level. LOVE: Healthy familial relationships are the cornerstone of your personal life. When you heal family ties in the next nine weeks, you pave the way for a richer love life. You’ll reap the rewards of your own generosity in June. August is especially lighthearted and flirtatious, and you could even become infatuated with someone you’ve known forever. CAREER. Instead of being your own worst critic, why not reverse that energy in the new year and become your own biggest fan? You need advocates during challenging March and September. A fantastic team pushes you to new heights. ADVENTURE: It’s the unexpected call to duty in July that sets you off on a whirly path — sometimes bizarre, but fresh and invigorating for your creative self. FINANCE: You can’t be bothered with trifling and petty matters if you’re going to play in the big leagues. Keep your focus on the top in April — there’s much to distract you if you let it. A payoff in October has you accepting applause and accolades, as well as cash.

AQUARIUS: It’s an enterprising, courageous year in which you take your pie-in-the-sky dreams down from the sky and eat them on your kitchen table. This requires, above all things, faith. LOVE: A new way of looking at the people in your life allows you to love them the way they need to be loved, instead of how you need to be loved. This difference causes a romantic plot twist in March. Your finances and career impact your love life in interesting ways in July. Creative solutions bring you much happiness. CAREER: There’s a benevolent boss, customer or investor who helps you get work pumping at a higher intensity through the summer. Perhaps this person even funds your education or business start-up. ADVENTURE: Your best time for exploring comes at the end of August. Long-distance travel turns out to be more fun en route than arriving at the destination. FINANCE: Opportunities are a direct result of your estimation of what you can do. Therefore, visualizing and imaging your money matters improving is crucial to your success. April brings top dollar for your work. Marketing is everything in July. It’s a winning move to appear in the most attractive light possible, even if it’s expensive.

PISCES: You’ve been waiting for your turn, and this year brings it — bold and obviously catered to you. Stepping into your new role feels like putting on a costume at first. But soon your new “clothes” are a normal part of who you are. By the end of April, you’ll already feel like a different person. LOVE: Your behavior in regard to romance can be silly, inspired, impulsive, jealous and extraordinarily compassionate, all in the span of an hour. Love highlights your contradictions. May amps up your passion. Fall into a lovely routine with a comfortable someone in June. CAREER: You’re risking your ego over the next three months, but it’s the only way you can advance. Higher-ups have yet to get the range of your talent. In order to make them see, you may have to create your own forum, project or showcase. July is ideal for such an endeavor. ADVENTURE: You get very little charge from luxurious circumstances and lavish breaks. It’s when you’re industrious that your spirit soars. Creative challenges are your vacations from reality this year! FINANCE: Get a mentor. Your best financial solutions are a product of collaboration. A system of accountability is definitely needed.


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  1. grouchy January 23, 2007 at 4:03 PM #

    we both need money help friend! funny, oprahs show ystday dealt with saving money, earning interest, less SHOPPING and how to cut out little things. like our $5 coffee….although it is down to once every few weeks. save so much money it crazy ass

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