Movies: Watched and to watch

7 Feb

Curse of the Golden Flower: Starring Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li (love!), and Jay Chou (can’t act).

Overall impression?

1) Holy boobage Batman!  I never knew the Chinese have such ample assets (for being Chinese, of course). Very impressed and proud. Movie also known as: Curse of the Golden Corset.


Gong Li is as usual… absolute perfection.

2) Plot: In one movie there are schemes, incest (more than one!), secrets revealed, rebellion, a coup, ambush, murder, massacre (a heart-wrenching scene), jealously, lust…. but most dominant is the four central Chinese tenants of character (loyalty, filial piety, ritual, and righteousness). This is truly a dysfunctional family that always manages to ‘save face’.

3) Acting: Most tedious was Jay Chou; he has the same look as all his album covers. Most annoying was Ye Liu (Crown Prince Wan) – he is too dorky looking. Most underrated was the youngest prince. Most squeamish was Little Chen (the handmaiden who seduces the Crown Prince) and her screaming from finding out that she had sex with her brother (whoops!) and the foreplay scene. But you have to give her boobs credit for trying to upstage Gong Li’s boobs. Most believable and all rounded was Chow Yun Fat (no doubt). Most scene-stealing was Gong Li.

4) Recommend? Only if you like the big-budget, over the top visual Zhang Yimou productions (I love!). Large battle scenes, Asians trying to be passionate, lots of melodrama… and reading the subtitles without snickering… but that’s how all Chinese historical movies/dramas are. Get used to it. It’s all about respect.


Next movie to see: GHOST RIDER! (I love Nic Cage)

One Response to “Movies: Watched and to watch”

  1. grouchy February 9, 2007 at 12:29 PM #

    lol hey friend if they can make them A-cups lookie like tt theres hope for everyone.
    yea nic cage=#3 😛

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