Horoscopes for February 8-14 (thanks Mac!)

9 Feb

LEO: The sun opposes Saturn on February 10 from Aquarius to Leo. It’s a high water mark somewhat like a full moon between the sun and Saturn. They are contrary to each other. The sun is warm and bright, Saturn is dark and cold. They both represent authority one way or the other. The sun is happy, childlike and carefree. Saturn is well, saturnine, stern, sober, sometimes paranoid, i.e. Richard Nixon, and old, fearful and chastising. Curiously, they are occupying each others signs which again intensifies their connection. The point being that powerful life lessons are onboard and the time has arrived in which many karmic energies will be activated and come into play. On the deepest level Saturn is a paternal guide helping us to connect with our higher selves and to become more attuned to our real life. He connects us to nature and natural living.

PISCES: Venus and Mars hook up in a nice way on Valentines Day, bringing love and excitement around. Mercury also goes retrograde in Pisces on February 13 and could throw a stick in to the spokes, causing some delays and misunderstandings to take place. It may be wise to take your time and see how things unfold in the days and weeks to come. You may need some time to think things over.


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