Horoscopes for Today and the weekend (Thanks Holiday!)

16 Feb

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You’re mixing with an upscale crowd. Successful friends can be quite motivating. Still, you must grab success in your own way — only then will you be satisfied and proud of your achievement. 

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). The words “friend,” “free” and “Friday” all derive from the same root — a Germanic word, “fri,” meaning love. The stars align to suggest that this is your day to give your heart freely to friendship or romance.

WEEKEND LOVE FORECAST: Your relationships bloom if you’re open to change. ARIES: Speak from the heart; your sweetie longs to hear it. TAURUS: Having the satisfaction of an ex-love coming back isn’t as sweet as you thought it’d be. GEMINI: Love thrives in a different environment. Change it up. CANCER: You probably won’t even notice that person who is fixated on you. LEO: Romantically, you might feel like you’re in a rut. It’s time for an energizing flirtation! You’ve a special connection with Pisces. VIRGO: You’ve enough enthusiasm for two people, which is a good thing since your partner might be dragging. SCORPIO: Find someone who already fits your qualifications; otherwise, you wind up trying to mold someone to fit your ideal, which is so exhausting! SAGITTARIUS: You’re not exactly in an easy-to-please mood. CAPRICORN: Low on faith? It’s not so wrong to ask for proof once in a while. AQUARIUS: You’re attractive and popular, and you know how to use it. PISCES: Prepare to pursue and be pursued.

***it’s a good thing we’re not going to Celebrities this weekend. Who knows what debauchery might occur. 😛 ***


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