Mac’s Horoscopes for February 15-21, 2007

16 Feb

LEO: February 15 to 17 are important days and they could be somewhat stressful if not handled appropriately. Concerns at home and work keep you on your toes. Take your time and try not to make abrupt decisions as the whole story has not been told and it may take a while for the truth to come out. A shift occurs on February 21 and the lights start to rise.

PISCES: The sun enters Pisces on February 18 signaling your solar high of the year. Read the Aquarius message as it relates to Pisces in a strong way. Life continues to shake and rumble and you may feel as if you are adrift in a boat without a sail. Believe me; you are not adrift but right where you are supposed to be. It is time to truly put your life together in a most profound and unique way. Do it, don’t resist it. Surrender to the script that you have scribed for yourself, and mostly give your love to one and all as that is the greatest gift for you and them.

Aquarius: The new moon in your sign on February 17 signals a new start in your life. “Which way should I go?” you may ask. Don’t be concerned with direction, but pay attention to intention as that is what is key to your happiness. You may feel like you were clobbered with a left hook out of nowhere in the last few years and you may not have recovered sufficiently. You may have come unglued and you may be puzzled as to what you should do. Surrender and allow the universe to guide you along and it will. Get clean and stay clean and sweep the dreamy, opium dreams and cobwebs away.  Take flight into the new realities that are presenting themselves these days.


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