New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition scents!!!!

26 Feb

From NowSmellThis:

Parfumerie Generale has launched two new limited edition fragrances, Bois Blond and L’Ombre Fauve.

Bois Blond is “one evening in August, the time of the harvest”, and includes galbanum, cut grasses, cedar hay, blond tobacco, amber and musk.

L’Ombre Fauve is an animalic scent with amber and musk, and perhaps best described in the original French: “Une olfaction animale. Son raffinement bestial.”

Bois Blond & L’Ombre Fauve are 75€ for 50 ml; 120€ for 100 ml, and are mixed to order with a personalized label. Update: these two fragrances will be available on the Parfumerie Generale website (see link below) until 3/30 only; luckyscent will also get a few bottles of each.

A third limited edition fragrance, Ether de Lilas Blanc sur Feuillage Tendre, will launch soon. Ether de Lilas is described as the “poetic flight of a floral infusion”, and features notes of passionflower, orange blossom, bark, mandarin, lilac, leaves, iris and musk. Ether de Lilas Blanc Sur Feuillage Tendre is 58€ for 50 ml; 78€ for 100 ml. (via Parfumerie Generale website)

***I want #1 L’Ombre Fauve and #2 Bois Blond or both!!!****


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