Horoscopes for week April 5-11, 2007

9 Apr

Good Friday could turn into bad Friday if we forget that the moon is squaring Mars on that day. People become touchy, overly sensitive and highly reactive under moon-Mars influences. It won’t take much to set off a confrontation at home, at the office, or on the road. Don’t be afraid, but be wise, careful and considerate. When you have a heads up on the astro energy going on you can use that knowledge as a fulcrum and it will help you in ways that you have not dreamt of.

The balance of planetary aspects going on over the Easter weekend are very positive. The Sagittarius moon presides over Easter bringing feelings of deep spirituality. A grand trine in the fire signs on Easter Sunday is a harbinger of grace and compassion. This is a highly specialized time characterized by acts of unity, cohesion and cooperation. Great diplomatic breakthroughs may occur. Possibly the prisoners held in Iran will be released. The sun, moon, Jupiter and Saturn form the grand triangle on Easter morning. All leaders on all levels should make note that the stars are in a very cooperative mood and all activities begun at this time will bring forth abundantly fruitful returns. This profound outpouring of unifying energy comes on stronger on April 9. Life’s activities increase all around.

Triangular patterns between the planets are the most favoured in the sense that life eases up a bit and grace descends in myriad forms. The element of fire symbolizes the transformative processes of

profound change and growth. Everyone is alarmed and going on about global warming as we contemplate the long term affects on the planet. Possibly this great grace from above will prod us into becoming more responsible for our environment. Our inner environment has to change first as that is where the true work commences.

Dreamers, planners, and all others that have something in them that they would like to achieve in their lives should take your vow of commitment under this awesome grant trine time. It is time to set the corner stone and lay the foundation for the future. The will of the people is an awesome thing and the will of the spirit even greater. Christ ascended on this special day and now it is your time to rise up, rise up and become all that you can be.

Mercury enters Aries on April 10 and Venus enters Gemini on April 11. Both are indicators of lively social activity, exchange and upliftment. We’re on the move and in the groove. Get into your zone and do your thing.  Do not let this opportune time pass by without making some effort. It will pay.  By the way, don’t waste this magic by striving for petty acquisitions. Make your effort for real and for lifetime attainments. Children born on April 8 and 9 will carry this special gifted energy within their DNA.  The Ambassadors of the future are lined up and waiting to come in.

**I have BOLDED the important parts for you***

 LEO: The grand trine in the fire signs comes to its most powerful time on Easter Sunday. Great blessing and miracles take place. Although the lessons that Saturn brings into our lives when he is around are often  painful and life changing, they are blessings in disguise. Counting your blessings is the key to the times. It is also time for you to reset your priorities as you set out on a whole new course in life. Read the intro and the other signs for more info regarding this special time we’re moving through. The clouds part and you see the true reality.

PISCES: Career changes are in the wind and so may you be, soon enough. This is the time to take a look at what is real and what is not and to start moving away from what is not real and moving towards whatever brings you peace and happiness. You may be in the mood to reorganize many facets of your life and now is the time to do so. Life’s activities and demands will increase in the days and weeks to come. You will be active and possibly too busy. It’s not a bad thing. Watch for emotional gaffs on April 6. Home and garden projects feature now. Watch it with the tools though with Mars around. Measure twice, cut once, and take your time.  **yes, “busy” seems to be a key word for me lately**

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