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Diet secrets

3 Jun

1) Mini-meal/3 hour diet. Breakfast within 1 hour or waking up. 5 meals a day (watch portion size!), stop eating 3 hours before bed. jorge cruise

2) acai

3) Hoodia

4) detox

5) maple syrup/lemon/cayanne pepper

6) nish joshi diet – detox reprogram diet

7) raw diet: eat anything that’s raw and not been frozen

8 ) raw chocolate: david wolfe

9) French women don’t get fat: portion control (1/8 size of American portion)

10) How the rich get thin. Start day with protein, (apple, cheese), control, motivation,

11) Cravings last 8-14 minutes. Wait 15.

12) Signal for thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

13) not eat… but body will start to decompose