5 Sep

Straight Stars – August 30-Sept 5th, 2007

Pisces: The last-quarter square of the moon on Sept 3rd, along with the planetary aspects, are indicating a choppy day. Watch for accidents and incidents, as they could occur easily. Love and romantic energies come alive, and a lover from the past comes knocking sometime in September.

*** Read on Sept 2nd at camp. Freaked out b/c the last time it said a lover came back, he did. Didn’t stick foot in fire on Sept 3rd. Didn’t go up mountain Sept 3rd and headed straight home. Night of Sept 4th – #4 called 3 times***

*** Updated Sept 17th, 2007 – Called last night, 2 times last week, and once the week before. The last time he called when I was recanting the horoscope to a friend. ***

MacStars online for September 13 – 19, 2007:

Pisces: Read Aquarius as the gist of it fits Pisces as well. The solar eclipse in your opposite sign Virgo on September 11 along with the planetary positions are hinting at movement and change. Challenge and excitement fire you up and get you in the mood to experience all kinds of exotic and unique life style changes. It certainly does not have to be a series of negative experiences at all. If anything you should anticipate the future with excitement and enthusiasm. Jump in and learn to swim now. Sink or swim, what will it be?

Aquarius: Venus in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius continue their slow dance. They will be in opposition throughout the rest of September. This is a good thing but it has its problems as well. On one side of the coin, this combination may inspire you as never before. You experience a love that you never thought possible or attainable. It may also be a time in which you seriously weigh everything and make great and positive changes in your life. On the other side of the coin you can party down, stay stoned and keep witling away your time mired in alcohol or whatever your fancy may be. Confusion and mistrust, deception and disillusionment could be the case. It is time to work it out though. Stay to the high road.

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