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Whilst away…

7 Dec

November 29 – December 5th, 2007 (Macsstars)

The last quarter square of the moon occurs on December 1 in your opposite sign Virgo. It tells of a time with potentially trying incidents and scenarios in which you have to fend for yourself. The sun squares off with Saturn in the end of November and early December and Mercury does the same, indicating times of stress and not much rest if you allow. My hint is to lessen the stress and allow for the kinks to get worked out, and they will. Study, hard work, and hurdles that must be overcome seem to be on the menu in the first half of December. At this time great spiritual changes may come as well as changes in career for some of the Pisces souls.

It is a time of gathering whatever will sustain you and bring you a sense of fulfillment and some peace of mind. Enhancing your living conditions may be on your mind. Visits with family and friends take up your time. Abundance and success could be the story. You may feel inclined to gamble, speculate, and investigate matters of the heart.

December 6 – 12, 2007

Things may be shaky for a bit as the new moon in Sagittarius on December 9 brings on a huge amount of activity, especially in the career department. It looks like a shake out is going on and it may be wise to hold off on your plans until you figure out what it all means. It may not be too negative at all. Action and attraction are more likely to happen. Now if you had a crush on a guy or gal at work we can see what type of dynamics would unfold from that scene. You won’t be bored and if you are it signals a time of movement and change. Dust off those sneakers.

The Sagittarius new moon on December 9 lights up your solar fifth house relating to enterprise, entertainment, gambling, and romance. As we know, sometimes romance is a gamble which sometimes brings the results of children, which is another fifth house matter. Basically Leo is still loosening up and shaking off Saturn’s prolonged two year visit which ended in September. The Sagittarius energy will help you adjust to the freedom as your restore your confidence. You may have a head full of fantasies that you are ready to make into reality. Neptune helps paint the yellow brick road that you will be skipping down in the near future.