Horoscopes for the year ahead (partly)…

2 Jan

December 20 – 26, 2007

The Venus Neptune square on December 22 may carry its influence over the holiday season. Both planets are affecting your sign and it may bring opportunities to show your true sensitive side. People will be thin skinned as the planetary energy from December 20 to 25 is very powerful and loaded with tension. Pushing past others’ emotions could ignite quite the fight and we know the rest of the tale. Be the knight on the white charger or the wise Queen who sets everything right.

A great planetary commotion is going on over the Christmas holidays. We know it is generally a stressful time anyway and we do our best to share with our loved ones as we give thanks for all that we have. The overall planetary pattern goes well with Pisces and you may have great and unusual experiences. You may be able to use your love and compassion in order to help others that may need some support. Friends and family figure strongly and love may not be a stranger.

December 27, 2007 – January 2, 2008

You ever get that feeling that you are on the verge of discovering something and you can’t shake the feeling? It might be that way these days and some sense of change or knowing things to come stays with you. The odyssey of discovery starts on January 9 and continues until mid March. Mercury the trickster and Neptune the illusionist meet up in your opposite sign Aquarius bringing a series of unusual and magical occurrences. Leo has never been credited with any type of prophetic ability but it seems like the Leos that I have met are often naturally gifted psychics, visionaries and often are able to see what time it is and what is coming in the future. Leo possesses a wonderful spirituality when it is tapped into. Now it will be tapped into and you will have to fill us in on what you see and experience throughout the winter season.

Saturn and Uranus are the feature planets for Pisces throughout 2008. Saturn helps you to see what must be corrected or healed while Uranus helps you to get past the things that you feared letting go. Uranus brings new awakenings, fresh potential and great excitement into your life. Saturn brings limitation and sometimes hardships such as separations or loss with work or money. It is all cyclic material and we have all experienced these energies at one time or another. Basically, it is time to totally revolutionize yourself through the double O effect, and create an Organic and Original lifestyle. Nothing less will do.

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