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Fave wine – Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery 2006 Schönburger-Gewürztraminer Classic

11 Apr

For the Morroccan dinner, recommended from Bombay Bhel… notes of lychee, rose… it was perfect for the occasion, smooth and a delight to drink.

Winery: Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery
Vintage: 2006
Wine: Schönburger-Gewürztraminer Classic
Appellation: Okanagan Valley
Grapes: Schonburger (50%), Gewurztraminer (50%)
Price: $14.99

at VQA Wines (across from IGA)
Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery
2006 Schönburger-Gewürztraminer Classic (Okanagan Valley)
Walter Gehringer, who runs this winery with brother Gordon, was the first Canadian-born winemaking graduate of Germany’s Geisenheim Institute and he retains a sentimental attachment to grape varieties that were created there. One of those varieties was Schönburger, a 1979 cross whose parents include Pinot Noir, Chasselas Doré and Muscat Hamburg. At the time, Geisenheim named new grapes for Rhine castles – in this case, for Schönburg Castle.

The Gehringers have grown a small plot of Schönburger since the early 1980s. For many years, the winery released it as a varietal and hand-sold the off-dry white to loyal followers of Gehringer Germanic wines. The few others who grow the variety in the Okanagan simply blend the grapes into their Gewürztraminers. In recent vintages, Gehringer has been crafting tasty blends, noting that the varieties “truly complement each other.”

This vintage is a spice cake of a wine, starting with lovely rose petal and spice aromas. On the palate, the intensely spiced flavours include papaya and lychee. The winery describes this wine as medium-dry but it is so well balanced that the lingering finish is crisp. The dash of natural sugar serves to flesh out the texture. 88 points.

Salad of the day – Mandarin Proscuitto/Goats Cheese Organic Greens

11 Apr
  • mixed organic greens
  • mandarin orange slices, drained
  • avocado, cubed
  • goats cheese or prosciutto (undecided)
  • mango puree vinaigrette (Meinhardts)
  • Honey roasted pecans (Dan-d-pak!)

Why goats cheese or prosciutto? The goats cheese is just too raw to go with the salad. The avocado is creamy enough, so do you also want the goats cheese? Maybe best to get the flower/fruit infused goats cheese, but I found it less sharp and most delicious when it’s drenched in the mango puree vinaigrette, not by itself. The prosciutto would add a salty touch that would complement the salad, and on most days a much better alternative than goats cheese. Maybe it’s the type of goats cheese I bought.

Very delicious and presentable though.


About Goat’s Cheese:

Why it’s Good for You: Chèvre is the French word for goat, and is a light, soft cheese often referred to as goat cheese. Available in several fine varieties, goat cheese is often fresh (unaged) with a crumbly, creamy texture. As it continues to ripen, chèvre will turn into a firm cheese, such as feta.

Goat cheese is rich in protein and contains potassium, vitamin A, thiamin and niacin. Significantly lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than cheddar or cream cheese, some people may also find it easier to digest than cheese generated from cow’s milk.

How to Use It: Goat cheese is usually sold in logs or rounds that may be crumbled or sliced into small medallions. Try rolling logs or rounds in fresh chopped herbs, finely chopped almonds or pecans, or cracked peppercorns to enhance and complement the tangy flavour.

Goat cheese is an ideal flavour and texture companion when paired with roasted and grilled vegetables, pasta dishes, and when served warm over green salads. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Some sweet fruit and dessert dishes can also be dressed up with goat cheese.

Always check the best-before date. Once opened, refrigerate at once and use within five days to maintain freshness.

Fondue in Seattle

2 Apr
Entre Nous 206-905-1633
216 Stewart Street, Seattle Downtown
This is the kind of place you love to stumble upon–a tiny storefront in the middle of the block. Who knew? Sit in the front window while you enjoy duck a la Provencal or three-onion soup. Stop by for lunch and enjoy a Brie sandwich. Try tapas like Parma-wrapped asparagus or classic cheese fondue.
Specializing in French, Tapas, Fondue.

Melting Pot 425-646-2744
302 108th Ave NE, Bellevue Bellevue
This comfortable and pretty place is the third Melting Pot in the Northwest (Seattle and Tacoma). Go for the whole deal (cheese fondue, salad, entrée fondue, dessert fondue) at your own peril–it’s a lot of food. Better yet, you can mix and match to make your perfect dinner. Full bar.
Specializing in Fondue.

Melting Pot 206-378-1208
14 Mercer St, Seattle Queen Anne (Lower)
It’s always fun to cook and dip and attempt to keep cheese on a piece or bread or apple slice. Fondues range from cheese to oil to chocolate. Try one or all. Add a salad and some wine. If you try them all and find you just can’t manage dessert after all, they will let you come back another time to finish up. It works well if you want to stop in for a late night dessert bar side some night.
Specializing in Fondue

Wise diet words

2 Apr

“Eat breakfast like a king,
lunch like a princess
and dinner like a pauper.”

Material obsessions/need to get

2 Apr
  • Method Home products – one word…. AMAZING!! I have a scrubby bathtub with scum buildup leftover from face cleansers, exfoliators, shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, bath bombs, bath oils etc. Hard, oily scum that VIM with bleach can’t penetrate even with vicious scrubbing and destroyed not one, but 2 Mr. Clean Magic erasers. A few spritzes of the Eucalyptus Mint scented Bathroom – tub + tile spray(ingredients: corn/coconut-derived and biodegradable surfactant blend, citric acid, potassium hydrate, corn alcohol, non-toxic and biodegradable solvent, fragrance oil blend, color, preservative (under 0.1%), purified water) and a swipe of the scrubber and the oily dirt is gone! Who knew going natural would be so effective! (Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Target, Fred Meyers etc). Next on the list: Sweet Water aroma sticks, ring and pill!
  • Yogatoes Toe Stretchers – because only the toes on one foot does what I command.
  • Fitflops – for summer wear, and claims it will tone my thighs and bum. Ok, I’ll bite. Must buys in silver, black patent leather and bronze. $59.99.
  • Nu jazz – thank you MelodyDiachun
  • cashmere wrap dress – 2 more days on ebay
  • Velvet by Graham and Spencer V neck dressw/ruched waist – waited 2 years for this!
  • Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30 – because I’m getting old. So old.
  • Nike corset aerobic tops = HOT and Nike Dance wear
  • eco-friendly reusable bag I actually like and will use