Salad of the day – Mandarin Proscuitto/Goats Cheese Organic Greens

11 Apr
  • mixed organic greens
  • mandarin orange slices, drained
  • avocado, cubed
  • goats cheese or prosciutto (undecided)
  • mango puree vinaigrette (Meinhardts)
  • Honey roasted pecans (Dan-d-pak!)

Why goats cheese or prosciutto? The goats cheese is just too raw to go with the salad. The avocado is creamy enough, so do you also want the goats cheese? Maybe best to get the flower/fruit infused goats cheese, but I found it less sharp and most delicious when it’s drenched in the mango puree vinaigrette, not by itself. The prosciutto would add a salty touch that would complement the salad, and on most days a much better alternative than goats cheese. Maybe it’s the type of goats cheese I bought.

Very delicious and presentable though.


About Goat’s Cheese:

Why it’s Good for You: Chèvre is the French word for goat, and is a light, soft cheese often referred to as goat cheese. Available in several fine varieties, goat cheese is often fresh (unaged) with a crumbly, creamy texture. As it continues to ripen, chèvre will turn into a firm cheese, such as feta.

Goat cheese is rich in protein and contains potassium, vitamin A, thiamin and niacin. Significantly lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than cheddar or cream cheese, some people may also find it easier to digest than cheese generated from cow’s milk.

How to Use It: Goat cheese is usually sold in logs or rounds that may be crumbled or sliced into small medallions. Try rolling logs or rounds in fresh chopped herbs, finely chopped almonds or pecans, or cracked peppercorns to enhance and complement the tangy flavour.

Goat cheese is an ideal flavour and texture companion when paired with roasted and grilled vegetables, pasta dishes, and when served warm over green salads. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Some sweet fruit and dessert dishes can also be dressed up with goat cheese.

Always check the best-before date. Once opened, refrigerate at once and use within five days to maintain freshness.


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