Hot dogs

22 May

Everyone in Vancouver raves about the Japadog. But then, I’d have to travel to the downtown core to get it. That shouldn’t stop me because I go to Seattle for soup, bread, coffee and cheese.

Will try the Japadog. Years ago tried to go a gourmet ‘dog place and ended up at a place on Denman. Had a salmon dog. Ugh. Salmon burgers are delicious though… best patties are from Costco.. the Pacific Wild Salmon ones. Maybe ‘dogs are better dressed down.

Best dogs:

  • UBC Sub – hotdog place across from the arcade. I heard there have been developments so I don’t know if it’s still there. The Cheese Dog – it’s simple, really.. hot dog topped with shredded cheddar (or a mix?) and then steamed. Paired with a coke.I loved it so much that I still made trips there after grad to eat. At night though and on the weekends to avoid crowds. I feel so old.
  • Outside Future Shop on West Broadway (at Burrard) – there is a cart there. Jumbo cheese dog topped with grilled onions. Vendor recommended chipotle mayo on top. Lots of gourmet condiments aside from the traditional ketchup/mustard/relish. I’ve learned to always ask for recommendations from the vendor.

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