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Naturactor makeup in Singapore

27 Jun

Hai Tong Co Pte Ltd., Blk.4 Sago Lane #01-125, Singapore 050004.(Singapore Chinatown)

Food pairings

24 Jun

Sure Mcdonalds tells you that their Sausage Egg McMuffin pairs well with breakfast beverages such as coffee, tea, juice or even milk. But did you know that it does especially well with Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup? It was like a sensory epiphany at lunch today.

Chinese horoscope for today

23 Jun

Certain of your projects may collapse brutally because of lack of preparation. (YES!!!! PROCRASTINATING ON BOARD MEETING PREPARATIONS!!!!!!!) You must open yourself more in order to increase your chances of encounters and enrichment. (In love?) In family life, you’ll be full of drive and energy, but some disturbances might arise. (it’s always the mother) You’ll have much difficulty resisting food excesses. (uhoh) On the contrary, think to take a substantial breakfast before going to work. (Started before I even read this horoscope with the purchase of the cereal yesterday!)

Nike Youth Graphic Hoodie

23 Jun

So i saw this at the Nike outlet. It fit fabulous, the stripes were super flattering and the hood was so cute (and made my hair look oh-so-good. Unfortunately this ran a bit small and the XS was a pain to get into and out of, so I really need a small.

$29.99 at the outlet, $41 at None left on

I think I’ll just keep watching the price.

Next Seattle trip…

22 Jun
  1. Seafair Festival – Friday – Sunday, August 1 – 3. Watch the Blue Angels practicing manouvers overhead while sipping French hot chocolate on Mount Baker. We go Thursday/Friday when they practice or perform? Fear of crowds.
  2. Pawnshops – I know… dingy much? But looking for a digital SLR to take to Asia.
  3. Iona Beach – I miss the garlic mayo grilled chicken sandwich on sourdough.
  4. Meander… in the daytime so we know where we are.
  5. Farmers Markets! – remember, food is non taxable!
  6. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – biggest of the year! Starts Friday, July 18-Sunday, August 3.

…more to come…

To buy at Costco

20 Jun

but no Costco card.

Kirkland Signature Japanese Green Tea – Sentcha Green Tea, Matcha Blend


Kirkland Signature Cranberry Macadamia Nut Cereal

UPDATE: June 20 – Beechers Cheese! (Who knew Costco was Washington-based?)

UPDATE: JUNE 23 – Scored 2 out of 3 at Costco! Ain’t bad, eh? Tea was $13 for 100 packets, cereal was $7 and a box has 2 bags. A tad on the sweet side, but healthier than Honey Nut Cheerios! More to come on the Costco adventure.

Groomsmen ties

20 Jun

Silkscreen ties from

Dinosaur ties, just for fun… can’t see it anyway…. would be quite befitting if I married my ex. He always did a great t-rex impression, short arms and all.

Maybe this one sits too low… boys usually have their ties tucked in


20 Jun

Will be wearing grecian inspired knee length gowns like this:

Wedding blogs

20 Jun


20 Jun

At Hycroft Manor – 2 hour photo session $250. Pricey but beautiful. Everyone does Yaletown these days! And the beach, though for most of the year it’s grey and wet. in order to have your wedding at Hycroft, you need to be a member of the University Women’s Club for one year. The rental fee is approximately $4,500 which lets you have the house for 8 hours. You also have to use their caterer.