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Orgasmic cheese

27 Aug

Yes, you read it correctly. Orgasmic cheese… not organic.

Went to the Alibi Room last night and had the cheese platter. There was this nondescript semi soft cheese paired with a pile of roasted organic hazelnuts. I spread, took a bite, popped a hazelnut and 3 seconds later it was a nutty orgasm in my mouth. I have NEVER had such a reaction to any cheese before, and it beats out my current fave Beecher’s Flagship by miles.

The Tomme Gros Ille (Quebec) can be found at Mount Pleasant Cheese (new place, May 08) that specializes in Canadian Cheese.

Mount Pleasant Cheese
3432 Cambie Street (near the Park Theatre at West 18th Avenue)
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8
Tues-Sun: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

aka TOMME DE GROSSE ISLE: – an organic mild semi soft texture cheese. I knew the french was off on that one. Thank you first year french.

TaiwanFest 2008!!

25 Aug

Highlights: FOOD!, Wu Bai concert on Saturday August 30th (in Seattle – =(, and FOOD!

August 30-September 1
Plaza of Nations
750 Pacific Blvd.

Friiend – we go on Sunday? or the Monday?

Note to self: Learn Wu Bai’s “Flower Dance”

Malay recipes

25 Aug

Thanks Eat Vancouver, Chef Matt and Malaysia  Kitchen.

1. 11g tea dust
2. 60-80g sweetened
condensed full
cream milk
3. 170g boiling water
4. 30g evaporated milk
1. Pour the boiling water into a cup containing the tea powder.
2. Stir well, and add in the sugar and condensed milk. Stir well.
3. Prepare another cup of the same size. Pour the tea from its existing cup into the other cup, at the same time increasing the distance between the cups as you pour.
4. Repeat this action, pouring the tea between both the cups until the tea is frothy.
5. You may keep doing this to increase the froth to your liking.

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Methinks me’s found…

25 Aug

roti canai (pronounced at “cha-nai”) juicy yummy gravy curry? It’s a powder?

Baba’s Meat Curry Powder. Just add chicken! Or just water!


Baking measurement conversions

23 Aug

Chinese Horoscope for today

23 Aug

In your work, above all don’t shirk delicate discussions: they’re important and will allow you to set things right quickly and efficiently. You’ll recover your beautiful self-confidence, your certitudes, your natural ascendancy. Some people may complain about this, but certainly not you. Also, the work on yourself, which you’ve been obliged to do since so long time, should begin to bear its fruits. On the material plane, there’ll be quite a lot of problems to solve, the financial constraints being very burdensome; but this probably won’t perturb you too much.

So betrayed yesterday – but insightful. Why do I care so much and let it get to me?

More chinese.

21 Aug

ren2 shen1 shi4 yie4 = career

Chinese Horoscope

21 Aug

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
If you show good will, this astral climate will help you to put an end to the eternal affective blackmails of which you were the object; the conjugal conflicts will then be solved. You’ll feel hindered in your progress, and this will make your impatience grow tenfold; unfortunately, there’ll be no other alternative; willy-nilly you’ll have to champ at the bit silently. Your family life will be dependent upon your career concerns, and you’ll have much difficulty installing a barrier between the two. Moreover, your nervous state won’t incline you to indulgence.

Email response sent on Weds.
Thursday, August 21st, 2008

In order to calm your nerves, eat dried vegetables and dried fruits, which are very rich in magnesium. You’ll be more expansive, more imaginative also. A wind of instability will blow on you, making you to behave like a weathercock. You’ll change projects or interests, without being conscious of the gravity of your decisions or of the disarray of your entourage. But your chance of salvation will reside in the affection which your beloved one has for you, or in the encounter that you could make.

Letter received Wednesday, August 20th. Incident night before.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Much gaiety and animation in your social life; new encounters will take place. Choose your friends with more discrimination so as to prevent disappointments. If you live in couple, know that your rather out-and-out individualism doesn’t favor communal life; water down your wine! Work will not be lacking; however avoid overwork which could only harm your projects of the future.

One hectic, angry, confusing week from Tuesday…

19 Aug

Good news comes on August 17, following events on August 15 in which some type of glitch, scare, or delay takes place. August 18 and 19 are dynamic days when profound experiences take shape and dissipate like passing clouds. A stitch in time saves nine, and when we know the prevalent astrological energies unfolding, we can anticipate the information and use it constructively and positively. The morning of August 19 holds just such an opportunity. The moon enters fiery Aries and opposes Mars, setting up the dynamics for road rage and testy scenarios in the workplace. Now you know, and you’ll have to pass the test. Angry, knee-jerk reactions, and you get an F on the cosmic report card. Calm responses delivered with a smile will defuse and disarm all kinds of potentially explosive situations.

So stressed Sunday, August 17th and Monday the 18th. Work, recreation, planning chaos, no one going according to plan, pity, annoyances etc. 18th resulted in an explosion. 19th woke up refreshed and knowing how to improve the situation and realizing the one main reason why I can’t get past step one. It’s true that a makeover can change your life… and it’s the one thing I’m really good at.

Chinese Horoscope for August 11, 2008

11 Aug

A good surprise lies in wait for you, but its exact nature is not known; it will probably be a delightful encounter. You’ll be very much appreciated in your work. Somewhat shaky health; you’ll need to rest more and to change ideas by all means. Astral climate favorable to a strengthening of affective ties, be they amorous or friendly.