2008 – The Year Ahead

11 Aug



Suddenly fun, popularity, bright optimism, new plans and a round of entertainment replace old pressures and cares! New friendships are significant – and will last decades. They bring insights and adventures – and possible career advances. You’ll travel internationally, head to school, or delve into new philosophies. Culture and knowledge grow deeply important. Your soul breathes: charity, spiritual pursuits and meditation bring blessings.

All year, government agencies, institutions and large corporations benefit you. Plan your long-term future with expert financial, psychological and other advisors. 2008 shows you the road ahead with rare clarity. At the workplace, delegate tasks – becoming everybody’s servant would frustrate you and reduce your luck.

Despite this year’s abundance of fun, a deep sober note plays through crucial relationships. A partner grows serious about a cherished goal, perhaps involving children or a new creative lifestyle. If you’re “half attached,” a new attraction could dim the old. If single, you might awake to the charms of a conservative person, or someone of a different generation. Deep down, you’re looking for someone who fits your huge future!


Expect a LOT of work this year, Leo. Turn this to your advantage. Moonlight to get the funds for that new car or vacation home. Impress higher-ups, angle your way to a promotion or pay raise, or increase your empire by taking on additional responsibilities. You can place your earnings on a stable foundation that pays off in regular, solid ways for up to three decades. This is a great year to buy machinery, appliances and tools. You can benefit from relocation.

Your health will be good, but guard against problems in your feet, ankles, skin, bones, constipation or calcification.

Avoid independence all year. Seek advice. Should resentment or self-pity visit, toss them out the door. You continue to meet sexy, hard-to-pin-down people, but this year they’re on the plus side – sweet and good-hearted! You might meet the love of your life. (Though your chances soar even higher in 2009; so waiting is a viable option.) Happy, flirty, fun-oriented types enter January/February. Your magnetism surges May/June – a former “playmate” might appear. November/December bring romantic action!

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