Love Forecast 2008

11 Aug

The love scene in ’08 swells with portent and change. Ground rules shift. Black becomes the sexiest color. Ballrooms and tuxedos return. Courtship will grow more restrained and formal, intimacy more binding. Pluto, the planet of sexual desire, and Jupiter, love’s lucky friend, spend this time in Capricorn, so amour will run in practical channels. Ambition, loyalty, skepticism and protectiveness will win hearts. Young couples will wax serious about the future. Many amorous conversations will include words like “mortgage” and “career.” On the dark side, we should guard against love situations that smack of relentless ambition, scheming and greed, exploitation, and sexual dominance.

Earth and water signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – can find deep, life-altering love this year – in some instances The Love of their life! But there’s no rush – true love can enter anytime in the next two decades.

Others – the fire and water signs – should seek love’s delights, but be satisfied with less than permanent bonds in ’08. Sagittarius and Aquarius would be wise to delay wedding plans until late 2009, while Leo and Gemini can benefit from deep commitment (not necessarily to each other). These four – as well as Aries and Libra – start 2008 with romantic prospects ranging from friendly to fiery! All are primed for spring and autumn affairs.
One caution: this love guide is based on your Sun sign. If you know your Moon and Rising signs, read those too. Remember, Goddess Love can strike anytime, anywhere, no matter what your sign!


17 years of socializing, fun and flirtation, of marriage wishes fulfilled, starts right now! You might wed in 2008. You’ll have many love choices, but it’s likely that a serious, gentle person will win your heart. Because you’re in a transition stage between ambition and emotional fulfillment, you might find your perfect playmate in a work or career setting. Don’t be in a rush – you have many years ahead to find true love!
If you’re married, love blossoms when you work together on an educational, cultural or travel project.
Be patient in February, when domestic issues fire your temper. From March to May passion – and a boost in charisma – give you the courage to chase and land the romance you want.
Your sweetest feelings swell in July – giddy, dizzy passion could erupt! Don’t let your sexual urges get you in trouble August to October. Say yes to November’s tender offer.


Former friends and old flames (or thoughts of them) fill January/February, May/June, October, and January/09. These links to the past might contain the seeds of a new romantic life for you. But chances are they’re entering to complete something, to finish up, and free you for the bright new partnership and love prospects of 2009.
Still, don’t reject romance! If you seek to bond with others, whether you succeed or fail, you’ll end feeling satisfied and mellow – and you’ll gain insight into why some lovers have been evasive/deceptive with you in the past. If you opt for a sulky independence, you’ll create a subtle dead-end.
Your sexual magnetism soars from May to August and late November/December – an international note could spell love! Be gentle May/June and October/November, when you could be a bit hasty or pushy. January/February 2009 starts 12 months of heightened, intense relationships – you’ll be lucky in love!

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