Luck and Karma Forecast 2008

11 Aug

PISCES, your new LUCK CYCLE began December 18 2007 and runs to January 4, 2009. You face one of the luckiest scenarios of any sign these 13 months. Wishes will come true, especially those involving your career and ambitions, your status in the community, and parenting roles – all the themes you’ve worked so hard at over the last decade. But further “power actions” in these spheres won’t yield much, at least not in 2008 and ’09. So your luck is a bit conditional – it encourages you to be in – or demands – relationships. Lonely striving after an ambitious goal won’t work anymore. In 2008 relationships contain opportunity, the seed of life-long happiness, and the road to wishes coming true, to your future. Yet they won’t be easy: others will demand a certain level of respect, loyalty and level-headedness. You might say, “I love you!” and they might say, “Prove it.”
Still, it would be hard to find a luckier year. Your popularity will soar – some will even be thrust into fame! A mood of celebration, of fun and entertainment, surround you. Life looks and feels brighter; optimism fills your heart and makes you glad to get up every morning. Don’t take new social connections lightly – you could enter one of the most important social circles of your life, a group that will benefit you for at least a decade. These new people open vistas of understanding that never leave you. You might meet your future mate in these new circles. For 17 years, friendships will intermingle with higher learning, religion, philosophy, media projects, cultural events, international travel, publishing or legal processes.

PISCES, your new KARMIC CYCLE lasts from December 18 2007 to August 21, 2009. During this time, you’ll find a peaceful, smooth and productive path in mystical, spiritual, meditative and similar paths. You’ll be “protected” or blessed in dealing with government agencies, institutions, charities, large companies and organizations, warehouses and assembly lines. Civil servants or those who work behind the scenes will feel mild protective warmth toward you. You’ll succeed where you manage others, create policy, and delegate responsibility. You can meet delay, dead-ends, subtle traps, even loss if you focus on service, employment, hands-on chores, dependents and pets. Be no one’s slave. Don’t go crazy on vitamins, exercise and other preventive health regimes.

LEO, your new LUCK CYCLE, from mid-December 07 to January 4 2009, will bring piles of work_but there’s gold in that pile. You can easily land a lucrative job, increase your pay scale, or otherwise swell your bank account. If you’re in sales, you’ll attract and keep lucrative clients, because you’ll go that extra mile to serve them.
It’s not a lottery-winning year, but the economic gains you achieve through hard work in 2008 will merely be the first step in a long, growing financial expansion. Be careful, deliberate, plan and march steadily toward your work goals. In no other year would you be so likely to achieve them! You might receive a lot of overtime, or moonlight, balancing two jobs. The work you perform now can lead to promotions, either in 2008, or 2012. It’s a “golden” year to buy tools, equipment, machinery and computers.
This luck cycle can also affect your health, so guard against weight gain, especially around the hips and thighs. Protect these areas from blows, falls, etc.

LEO, your KARMIC CYCLE, from December 18 2007 to August 21 2009, emphasizes the goodness, wisdom and healing qualities of relationship, and the folly of independence. When you’re frustrated or seem to be the whipping boy of fate, remember that self-pity – and self-flagellation, self-criticism and vanity – are simply ways of being separate from others. This period will bring dead ends, staleness, lack of progress and frustrations if you remain adamantly independent, if you are certain your way (or idea) is better than another’s. You’re the most creative and romantic of all the signs, and often creativity and romance demand or entail a certain amount of ego, self-expression and self-promotion. (“Faint heart ne’er won fair lady” and all that.) That’s all right – but keep a weather-eye on yourself. If you’re going from self-expression to pushy, from healthy self-interest to self-insistence, take a wee inward breather, forgive yourself, and start again.
Yes, forgive yourself. You might suffer bad luck, because karma is paying you back for anything selfish, greedy, immoral (etc!) you might have done in the last 17 years. If it comes, accept it as fair payment, pick yourself up, smile, and march forward. Laugh at yourself, open your arms and heart to others, and you’ll do fine! You’ll benefit greatly if you seek advice, relocate, deal with the public, seek fame, negotiate, sign contracts, accent diplomacy, marry or form new bonds. Go outward, from yourself. Explore. Make efforts to understand where others are coming from, their desires and needs, and why they see a situation differently than you. Several good, “blessed” people can enter your sphere in these 19 months.

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