One hectic, angry, confusing week from Tuesday…

19 Aug

Good news comes on August 17, following events on August 15 in which some type of glitch, scare, or delay takes place. August 18 and 19 are dynamic days when profound experiences take shape and dissipate like passing clouds. A stitch in time saves nine, and when we know the prevalent astrological energies unfolding, we can anticipate the information and use it constructively and positively. The morning of August 19 holds just such an opportunity. The moon enters fiery Aries and opposes Mars, setting up the dynamics for road rage and testy scenarios in the workplace. Now you know, and you’ll have to pass the test. Angry, knee-jerk reactions, and you get an F on the cosmic report card. Calm responses delivered with a smile will defuse and disarm all kinds of potentially explosive situations.

So stressed Sunday, August 17th and Monday the 18th. Work, recreation, planning chaos, no one going according to plan, pity, annoyances etc. 18th resulted in an explosion. 19th woke up refreshed and knowing how to improve the situation and realizing the one main reason why I can’t get past step one. It’s true that a makeover can change your life… and it’s the one thing I’m really good at.

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