Loves at Market by Jean Georges at the Shangri La

24 Feb

LOVE for Dinner:

  • Jasmine Lemonade
  • Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna w/Citrus-Sriracha Emulsion
  • Roasted Beets and Okanagan Goat Cheese w/Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Foie Gras Brule w/Dried Sour Cherries and White Port Gelee
  • Sablefish w/Nut and Seed Crust in Sweet and Sour Broth

Or go for the Market Menu for tasters of all the above (except the lemonade, which is to die for!). Lunch specials at the Market as well, or the 50 minutes $20 power lunch downstairs in the Lobby Lounge, which has more hearty food. Business casual.

Market by Jean Georges
Level 3
(1 604) 695 1115

One Response to “Loves at Market by Jean Georges at the Shangri La”

  1. liberationbc February 25, 2009 at 9:20 AM #

    Foie gras is no sign of class or distinction. It is produced by force-feeding ducks for the last 2-3 weeks of their lives until their livers are 10 times the normal size. This process has been banned in over a dozen countries and the state of California. Here in Canada the ducks are confined in individual cages during the force-feeding period.

    Foie gras production is cruel and unnatural. There is no need for us to subject animals to this sort of treatment for a delicacy.

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