Jem: You’ve probably heard her before, but never heard of her

7 Jun

You’ve definitely heard Jem‘s songs before, but you’ve probably never heard of her. Her songs have been featured in everything from a Lexus ES 350 commercial (“Amazing Life”) to Grey’s Anatomy. Not to mention that she’s a fave of the music superisors at the CW network, and her music’s been on Gossip Girl, the OC, One Tree Hill, 90210 and the list goes on. I discovered her when I decided to search out the song of a “The Mentalist” promo – turns out that it’s called “It’s Amazing”. Not on the top 40’s (yet) and not your typical pop act, she’s Dido-esque but catchier. Her deep, soulful and sassy lyrics are set against a backdrop of, well, not any particular musical style, but a combo of the best of every genre.

Jem: It’s Amazing

Jem: I Want You To

Jem: Got It Good

Jem: They

Jem: Finally Woken

Jem: 24


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