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I wanna lick this…

24 Apr

ericbalf.jpg …just neck and below though…

I am in love…

15 Feb

han cap

I love the way he smiles with his eyes, his nonchalant demeanor, and his grin. In the last 6 days, I’ve watched Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift 41x and counting. I’ve dug up my copy of Better Luck Tomorrow and have fallen even harder. 4x today already…

sung kang (han) tokyo drift 2sung kang undoing 2007sung kangsung kang (han) tokyo drift

This obsession will die hard.

The Undoing makes it’s debut at the San Francisco International Asian Film Festival (March 15-25, 2007). It will be playing on my birthday.

Uncanny resemblances

26 Jan

#4: daniel henney

#3: nic cage

#2: hyesung 12 hyesung 11

#2 UPDATED: keanu reeves Now you know why I stayed longer than I should have.

#1: justin timberlake

Tall, dark and handsome… no?

14 Nov

ali g + borat = Continue reading