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How to: Soft Buns

20 Feb

Nails on the Runway!

28 Sep

Girls in the Beauty Department Beauty:

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Inspiration of the Day: Kim Kardashian at Tracy Reese

8 Mar

She lines and fills in her lips with MAC Redd lipliner, topped with Nars Bloodwork gloss. Can’t figure out her blush though!

kim tracy reese redd

Inspiration of the Day: Kim Kardashian at Tracy Reese

5 Mar

She lines and fills in her lips with MAC Redd lipliner, topped with Nars Bloodwork gloss. Can’t figure out her blush though!

kim tracy reese redd

Finally! A curler that works!

13 Jul

My hair is the bane of my existence. It obeys my hair dresser, but not me. He can use a $10 straightener and it will turn out silky smooth. I use a $200 tourmaline/ceramic straightener and it will turn out thick and coarse, and kinky later on in the day. But summer is not about straight styles, it’s about beachy supermodel waves – and now I know how to get it.

This curly style was definitely inspired by Tinsley Mortimer’s hair (see previous post) and with the HOLY GRAIL (only true beauty junkies will understand that one) of curling irons (and now I have to throw out my 3 sets of hot rollers, 2 sets of velcro rollers and 2 curling irons). This is the one and only Infiniti by Conair™ Instant Heat Ceramic.

This was recommended by the Tinsley article, as well as on one of my fave blogs. DO NOT GET THE INSTANT HEAT, and don’t get the MIST one. Get the INFINITI TOURMALINE/CERAMIC HEAT PROFESSIONAL ones. They do not sell these ones at Target (only the cheapie Instant Heat ones that damage your hair), and the cheapest ones I’ve found are at Walgreens. 1″ for $19.99 and 1.5″ for $24.99. Also at London Drugs, but more expensive as the 1″ goes for $32.99 or $34.99. I became so obsessed with this that I bought the 1″ for those “set” hair days aka Tinsley Curls, and the 1.5″ for large beachy waves. Heats up in an instant as it promises, temp control, and it has weight so when you place it on the edge of your bathroom counter it won’t be easily weighed down by the cord and swing around and burn you (from experience).My beach waves took 2 minutes or less, I grabbed random sections and held the curl for 5 seconds. Yes, I did get compliments on my hair!

Also, product was a part of the equation and I used a heat protectant curl spray: L’Oreal Studio Line Hot Curl. Cheap, and it works. No additional hold product was necessary!!!!!

Also useful is this video:

UPDATE: Slept and when I woke up the curls were still there! Not flat at all!


13 Jul

Ever since I could remember, whenever I got dark in the sun, I always turned greyish… like a dark ashy colour. Not a golden rich tan, but grey. Last year I spent time whole summer in a tanning booth, in a solar coffin twice a week paying $40/month. Plus the ultra expensive tanning lotions with technology blahblahblah that cost $50 each.

This year and armed with cheapy tanning lotion for less than $10 and not a shred of dignity, I went to Wreck Beach. And guess what? I TANNED!!! and spending the the better half of the day there ogling way too many peens got me a dark roasty tan pretty much for free!!!

Must have products:

  1. Banana Boat Dark Tanning Lotion Continuous Spray SPF – Just remember to press down hard and this will spray a light mist. If you don’t spread it or rub it in, the tan will be dark and rich, hence the difference between my back (dark!) and legs (white!). Cheap at $7.99. Smells fab. Better than those $50 cellulite busting technological lotions – I mean, you would have to use the lotion a lot to prevent cellulite. And always stick with the spray for those hard to reach places.
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart – Life Brand After Sun Spray. Cheap and it works.
  3. Roc Minesol Protect SPF 45 Multi-Position Atomizer – I think using this on my face is breaking me out, but I will use this for arms and neck. Aerosol spray for no mess. I also find that with creams, if you don’t exfoliate very well and apply, you will end up with balls of grey dead skin stuck on your back. Sprays are the way to go.
  4. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 PA+++ – I think they only sell the spf 50 in Canada, but the higher the better, especially on your face, or else with sunglasses you’ll end up with reverse panda eyes. Lotion, not cream. This has never broken me out.
  5. Water atomizer – Evian, Uriage, Avene, Vichy – whatever suits your fancy.
  6. Bring: large sunglasses (to people watch), white towel (to cover face), cooler tote, beach umbrella (or rent), body towel to clean, beach towel (no plastic mats – they heat up), music, book, and cheapie bikinis from the Target clearance rack….

Hair inspiration: Tinsley’s Curls

7 Jul

When you google Tinsley Mortimer, it’s all about hair. “The girl with the curls” is what they call her, and it sure looks good. Well… better on her with the blond hair, the highlights etc and blah on my black hair, but something soft for summer that’s “done”, but not “undone” like the messy beach hair reserved for weekends. Tried it this morning, and it was about 80% successful. I just have to remember to deep condition more often, apply a heat protectant and get a good ionic/ceramic 1″ curling iron.

Conair infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron
– Comes in 1″ and 1.5″. Cheapest found so far at Walgreens.

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What’s currently in the Beauty Arsenal rotation part 1

6 Jul

I’ve never really blogged about what I use, though thanks for the lemmings enablers: Makeupalley, BlogdorfGoodman and Beauty Addict and many more, I have in the last year tripled my makeup and beauty arsenal to all the space under the sink, around the sink and countertops, around the tub, in 4 pro makeup cases and a chest of drawers. Also much thanks to Shoppers Drug Mart’s Beauty Boutique and 20x the points days.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve never blogged or spoke about beauty regimens. That’s because mine has been inconsistent for the last few years. For skincare, I was taught to follow a line religiously, as products in a program are designed to work together, and as for makeup to just experiment. I have strayed from the line and back, from high end to drugstore, and as I tend to get older, I’ve become more conscious of what I’m using and what’s good for me. The basic routine stays the same: makeoff, wash, tone, moisturize, eye, sunscreen and the occasional serum. I never leave the house without sunscreen these days, and if I do then I am paranoid about sun exposure the rest of the day. As I get older, it goes the same for eye creams. I’ve also started to use more plant based/ natural lines, but am sometimes conflicted as the older I get, the stronger the product and more drastic the measures should be?

Anyway, what inspired me to blog about skincare today was how I haven’t experienced any major breakouts in the last few months (knock on wood). Even when I spent time in hot, humid and very polluted Taipei did I break out even once!!!!! That deserves a blog and much more.

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The Puffy Pony

3 Jul

puffy pony

OK this is a must buy!

Hair how to’s

3 Jul


Party Pony

Jessica Alba proves that our favorite fuss-free style can look perfectly polished and appropriate for a seasonal bash. “The contrast in textures is what makes this so pretty,” Garrison says. “The pony moves and swings in the back but the front is static.”

Get the Look

Using your fingers, pull the hair away from your face while blow-drying. Make a horizontal part across your head from ear to ear, creating a front and a back section. Pull the back section, including the sides, into a sleek, tight ponytail. Now tease the front section to lift it off the forehead, pull it back gently and wrap it around the elastic to conceal it. Work KMS Flat Out shine serum ($12; into the length of your ponytail for added luster.


Get the Look

After blow-drying the hair straight, apply Aveda Flax Seed Aloe spray gel ($13; to give your locks some hold before setting them in rollers (Garrison likes Caruso Molecular Ion hairsetter, $45; Then part the hair to the side and tease it slightly at the crown. Taking two equal sections—one at either side of the temple—twist or braid the sections, pull them back, and secure with bobby pins.