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Fortune Cookie fortunes

5 Feb

fortune cookies

  • Someone will compliment you on your style. (yes!)
  • You will touch the hearts of many with your gift. (you mean the venture)
  • Take charge of your own life and decisions. (planning to starting Feb)
  • You have an important new venture shaping up. (definitely!)
  • A trip by air is in your future. (I sure hope so!)
  • Next month will be a special month for you. (So I’ve been told before)
  • A parnership will prove successful. (finally! hope the email works)

Uncanny resemblances

26 Jan

#4: daniel henney

#3: nic cage

#2: hyesung 12 hyesung 11

#2 UPDATED: keanu reeves Now you know why I stayed longer than I should have.

#1: justin timberlake