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Like a LBD, Everyone Should Have the Perfect White Shirt

13 Jan

I’ve been hunting for the perfect white shirt for the longest time – my last go to white shirt was a Norma Kamali which has since turned yellow. I kind of regret not spending a paycheque on that Gianfranco Ferre one at Neiman Marcus a few years ago that was just the right amount of crispness, stiffness, whiteness with french cuffs and the most dramatic collar. At least if I bought that I could have had it copied in China. Nothing generic from the Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew would cut it… not even Zara or Club Monaco. Nothing was right unless I went bespoke (very Daphne Guinness whom is unmatched in pulling off white shirts and tailored jackets) until now…

“Part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey group, Thomas Pink is a British shirt maker with flagship stores in London’s Jermyn Street, Madison Avenue, New York and Rue Francois Premier, Paris. Altogether there are more than 80 stores around the world – in USA, France, Mexico, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Canada, and in the UK.”

“To date 2011 has seen new openings in Australia and Hong Kong and in May a newly designed Thomas Pink store concept opened doors in Washington DC. 2011 will also see a brand new refurbishment of the largest Thomas Pink store of all,

Of course the only Canadian locations are in Calgary and Toronto…. but until they find their way to an Alberni storefront, I’ll have to resort to shopping online.

Plain Jane – not too plain – it’s all about the tailoring baby!

Erin Plain – feminine ruffled shoulders

Emma Plain – plain, though see the slight detailing?

Aileen Plain – Body Shirt (for tucking in!)

Cindy Plain – for you pussybow lovers

Lidia Classic – Check out the ruffle detailing!

Sabina Plain – a tuxedo shirt for the ladies

Sylvia Plain – not so plain with French seams and silk ruffles on the gauntlet and around the neck

The East Coast Laurens Always have the Best Style: Lauren Remington Platt

21 Nov

Everyone with a “Lauren” in their name always seems to have the best style: Lauren Bush, Dylan Lauren, Lauren Remington Platt. With a name like that you’re sure to end up tall, beautiful, successful and with impeccable style.

Lauren Remington Platt is no exception to this rule – she is poised, elegant and intelligent. Graduating from Columbia University, she started off her career as a hedge fund analyst before starting Vê, a members-only Web site that allows its users to select from pre-styled hair and makeup options. Genius.









25 Ways to Wear a Scarf – video via Wendyslookbook

19 Nov

One of if not *the* best tutorial out there – fantastic editing and lots of creative ways to wear a scarf!

Want to know how it came about? Behind the scenes here.

My New Streetstyle Icon: Taylor Tomasi Hill

15 Nov










Style Inspiration

19 Sep

I’m always looking for inspiration… Because I’m such a boring dresser, I look to inspiration in magazines, fashion bloggers but not so much to people on the streets (mostly in Vancouver the uniform is leggings, Canucks jerseys and Aritzia – which I can’t knock because it’s my wardrobe staple). I look to certain bloggers who elevate style and beauty to that next level, makes it wearable off the runway and makes you think “hey, maybe I can pull that off too!”

Certain Vancouver fashionistas come to mind: my good friend Nicole of lemodedujour who can rock a leather motorcycle jacket and a tutu like Carrie Bradshaw and Lily of bleedforfashion who reminds me that red lippies are not just for evenings but for whenever the $*£#% you want, just because you can.

I stumbled upon Peony Lim in the Stylelist coverage of NYFW, sitting on the steps taking a break, in a beautiful floral Anna Sui sundress, red pumps, a Fendi snakeskin bag (how bold!) and red lippie, and I’ve been entranced ever since.


I love her chic yet timeless style (she does hail from London), pretty yet bold pairings and that hair ohlala! She’s young, beautiful, has a great sense of personal style – we’ll be hearing a lot more of her soon!

And yes, I did venture out of my comfort zone this weekend and rocked Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Pop Life all weekend!












Romantic Blouses

8 Mar

I love it when e-tailers make shopping easy.

The other day I had a vision of an outfit for brunch scheduled for sometime in Spring/Summer’11 – a neutral silk/charmeuse flowy blouse over fitted distressed rolled up boyfriend jeans, super high heels and a Balenciaga motorcycle bag or Chloe Paddington.

The problem is, I have everything but the crucial piece of this outfit – the blouse.

I scouted ebay, department store sites, online boutiques but to no avail. What was I supposed to search for? Romantic-flowy-sheer-blouses?

Perhaps Nordstrom heard my prayers… or perhaps as usual they were ahead of the trend and it was just perfect timing, but I came upon their stylists’ picks for “The Romantic Blouse – Spring’s 10 Best – Spring 2011 Trends


Theory ‘Novalee – Elegance’ Blouse ($245usd) – comes in petite

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Back to School, Back to Work…

31 Aug

Fall is finally here – I awoke this morning to the tinkle of raindrops on my window, and my eyes were greeted not by the usual blinding sunshine but by dark grey skies… strangely I wasn’t too depressed, but excited  to get back into rainboots, skinny jeans, sweaters, trench coats etc. I don’t know about  you, but though I’ve been out of school for many years, I still mentally adhere to the school schedule of the year starting in the fall – my energy levels are up after a relaxing summer, and I get serious about getting back to the task at hand, whether it’s school, class, work or life… it’s a raring start and a fresh outlook on life and goals, complimented of course, by a new piece for the wardrobe or another classic accessory.

My accessory of choice for this year? What I call the “Back to School/Back to Business” Bag. It’s trendy enough for school, professional enough for work and fun enough for play. My picks:

This is my **DREAM** bag. The Proenza Schouler Large Leather PS1 ($1,995.00 Love the neutral colour (smokey grey), the briefcase/schoolbag look, and the buttery leather.

 2nd on the wishlist is the Mulberry Oversized Alexa in Oak ($1250, made popular by British presenter Alexa Chung. I’ve seen this twice in Vancouver already on 2 different girls – one was in a floral sundress and the other was in blazer/jeans but it both worked. This is definitely more casual and iconic than the PS1, and there are similarities and differences. If you need help deciding between the two, there’s a purseblog entry on it and discussion in the forums.


The Tory Burch Dayton Messenger bag is more on the “affordable” end that doesn’t cost a month’s (or two’s) rent. Available for $550 at ot I’m loving the boldness of the razor blue colour and the contrast of the gold hardware. Don’t buy this if you’re shy.

Gem of a Find: Devil May Wear

20 Jun

I love shopping along Main Street – love the boutiques, the originality and the one-of-a kind finds. Favourite haunts are Front and Co. (I can always find something to buy there) and the Barefoot Contessa (great dresses)… not just for clothes, but for interesting and affordable jewelery by local or Canadian designers (Simply Sublime and Toodlebunny come to mind). Now I have one more boutique to add to the list – Devil May Wear. Stephanie, the Owner, was in the shop and we chatted a bit about her jewelery pieces – all one-of-a kind, handmade (by her) and affordable. I was immediately drawn to the origami crane on a gold chain and snapped it up immediately. She was folding a stack of really cute frilly panties, which she sews herself, are made from sustainable fabric and spandex free. More about Devil May Wear in this Georgia Straight article and her store can be found on Visit the store on Car Free Day today!

Devil May Wear
3957 Main Street, Vancouver BC

Summer Styles: Jelly Shoes

24 May

I’m a child of the 80’s, when Nerds and Pop Rocks were the candy (and currency) of choice, you went on exploration expeditions with the neighbourhood kids and instead of flip flops, you slipped on Jelly shoes in the summer. They were easy to run in, didn’t slip off, kept your feet cool, fashionable and feminine.

Thank goodness Jelly shoes are back with a vengeance after years of domination by the unsightly flip flops, which people think can be worn anywhere and with anything. Joined by the Gladiator (-esque) sandal (which won’t go away for a while now), we now have another fashionable (flat) footwear alternative for summer.

Updated for those born in the 80’s, they have either a more sophisticated weave, sport lace patterns, are work appropriate and now in more ‘grown-up’ colours. Some of my picks below:

The ubiquitous Tory Burch Reva Flat, this time in Jelly. Spotted all over NYC. Great for work, play and comes in an assortment of colours. Either comes in all jelly, or jelly with metal logo. $95-$125 usd. At Tory Burch, Nordstroms, Saks, Neimans, Holts… you name it.

My new love – the Jelly Lace Detail Ballet Flat by Melissa. Saw these at Saks. Regret not buying them. Order whole size up if you’re 1/2. $90usd

Melissa Campana Jelly Ballet Flats. Also comes in gold. $80. At Saks, also black and pink at Nordstrom – on sale 40% off now.

Melissa Coral Peep Toe Ballet Flats – love the intricate coral weave! $80 at Saks, order one half size down as these run large. 40% off at Nordstrom.

What’s a girl to do, when you’re too short for your rainboots?

18 May

So last September (yes, that’s how long this post has been in ‘drafts’) I bought a pair of rainboots that I’ve been coveting for the longest time. Living in Vancouver for all of my life, rainboots fell off the style grid around grade 6, and didn’t come back in style full steam till my late 20’s. Now it’s all about the Hunters, the Chookas and everything else in funky prints and trendy colours.

I’m a classic no-nonsense girl at heart, and wanted something classic, traditional and timeless, and something without a big round toe that I could march around fearlessly in. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Burberry Barnham Rubber Rain/Riding Boot (was available on

Forgetting that I was 5’2″ for a second, and not taking into account the boot shaft length (see below for diagram), I was grieved to find that the boots, though they fit, went all the way up over my knee. As this being hard rubber, the top would cut into my thigh while walking, and made sitting and driving impossible!

So I pondered. Can’t cut the rubber, can’t put in a heel… and then I remembered something about Tom Cruise and Prince and being short and… LIFTS! *dingding!*

Pretty much shoe lifts are inserts that you put into the heel part in the inside of the shoe to give you a discreet “lift”. So I bought a pair of gel lifts from Taller Heels, and now I can sit/drive, my boots are uber comfy and I am 1.5″ taller, though I’m still wearing “flat boots”. It’s all an illusion. =)

Note: If you want to buy lifts, first try lifting your heel in your boot to see if there’s room for a lift to fit in comfortably.