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Anvil Bar & Refuge‘s 100 Classic Cocktails You Must Try AKA “the List”

12 Mar

The Anvil 100 List

Anvil Bar & Refuge‘s 100 classic cocktails you must try, or, “the List”

  1. Absinthe Drip – absinthe, water, sugar
  2. Air Mail – rhum, lime, honey, champagne
  3. Alexander – spirit, creme de cacao, cream
  4. Algonquin – rye, french vermouth, pineapple
  5. Americano – campari, italian vermouth, soda
  6. Aperol Spritz – aperol, sparkling wine
  7. Aviation – gin, lemon, maraschino, creme de violette
  8. Bijou – gin, italian vermouth, green chartreuse, orange bitters
  9. Blackthorn – irish whiskey, french vermouth, absinthe, angostura bitters
  10. Blinker – rye, grapefruit, raspberry syrup
  11. Blood & Sand – scotch, orange juice, italian vermouth, cherry heering **Note: Glowbal’s Black and Blue makes a darn good Blood & Sand {VIDEO} **
  12. Bramble – gin, lemon, creme de mure
  13. Brandy Crusta – cognac, cointreau, lemon, maraschino, peychaud’s bitters
  14. Caipirinha – cachaca, sugar, lime
  15. Champagne Cocktail – brut, sugar, angostura bitters
  16. Champs Elysees – cognac, lemon, sugar, yellow chartreuse, angostura bitters
  17. Chrysanthemum – french vermouth, absinthe, benedictine
  18. Cocktail a la Louisiane – rye, benedictine, italian vermouth, absinthe, peychaud’s bitters
  19. Coffee Cocktail – cognac, ruby port, egg
  20. Collins – spirit, lemon, sugar, soda
  21. Corn ‘N Oil – blackstrap rum, falernum, angostura bitters
  22. Corpse Reviver #2 – gin, lemon, cointreau, lillet blanc, absinthe **You MUST try this at The Keefer Bar**
  23. Cuba Libre – rum, coca cola, lime
  24. Daiquiri – rum, lime, sugar
  25. Daisy – bourbon, yellow chartreuse, lemon, lime
  26. the Darb – gin, french vermouth, lemon, apricot brandy
  27. Death in the Afternoon – champagne, absinthe
  28. Dulchin – pisco, apricot brandy, curacao, lime, grenadine
  29. East India Cocktail – cognac, curacao, pineapple gomme, maraschino, angostura bitters
  30. El Diablo – tequila, creme de cassis, lime, ginger beer
  31. Fernet-Branca – it’s a shot of fernet-branca
  32. Fourth Degree – gin, french & italian vermouth, absinthe
  33. French 75 – gin, lemon, sugar, brut champagne
  34. Gimlet – gin, lime, turbinado
  35. Gin & Tonic – gin, tonic water, lime
  36. Gin Gin Mule – gin, lime, ginger beer, mint
  37. Gin Rickey – gin, lime, soda
  38. Hemingway Daiquiri – rum, lime, grapefruit, maraschino
  39. Hot Buttered Rum – rum, butter, sugar, water
  40. Improved Cocktail – spirit, maraschino, peychaud’s & angostura bitters
  41. Jack Rose – applejack, lemon, grenadine
  42. Japanese – brandy, orgeat, angostura bitters
  43. Jasmine – gin, cointreau, campari, lemon
  44. Knickerbocker – rum, raspberry syrup, curacao, lime
  45. Last Word – gin, lime, green chartreuse, maraschino
  46. Mai Tai – rum, curacao, lime, orgeat
  47. Maiden’s Prayer – gin, cointreau, orange, lemon
  48. Manhattan – rye, italian vermouth, angostura
  49. Maple Leaf – bourbon, lemon, maple syrup
  50. Margarita – tequila, lime, cointreau
  51. Martinez – italian vermouth, gin, maraschino, orange bitters
  52. Martini – gin, french vermouth, orange bitters
  53. Metropole – cognac, french vermouth, peychaud’s & angostura bitters
  54. Milk Punch – spirit, sugar, milk
  55. Mint Julep – bourbon, mint, sugar
  56. Mojito – rum, lime, mint, turbinado, soda
  57. Monkey Gland – gin, orange, grenadine, absinthe
  58. Monte Carlo – rye, benedictine, angostura bitters
  59. Morning Glory – scotch, lemon, egg white, absinthe
  60. Navy Grog – rum, honey, lime
  61. Negroni – gin, campari, italian vermouth
  62. Old Fashioned – spirit, sugar, angostura bitters
  63. Old Pal – rye, campari, french vermouth
  64. Opera – gin, dubonnet, maraschino
  65. Oriental – rye, italian vermouth, curacao, lime
  66. Paradise – gin, apricot brady, orange, lemon
  67. Pegu Club – gin, curacao, lime, angostura & orange bitters
  68. Pimm’s Cup – pimm’s no. 1, gin, lemon, soda, cucumber
  69. Pink Gin – gin, angostura bitters
  70. Pink Lady – gin, applejack, lemon, grenadine, egg white
  71. Pisco Punch – pisco, pineapple gomme, lemon
  72. Pisco Sour – piso, lemon, egg white
  73. Port Flip – ruby port, sugar, whole egg
  74. Punch – jerry thomas’ special punch recipe
  75. Ramos Gin Fizz – gin, cream, lemon, lime, egg white, soda, orange flower water
  76. Red Hook – rye, punt e mes, maraschino, angostura & orange bitters
  77. Rum Swizzle – rum, lime, falernum
  78. Rusty Nail – scotch, drambuie
  79. Satan’s Whiskers – gin, french vermouth, italian vermouth, curacao, orange, orange bitters
  80. Sazerac – rye, absinthe, peychaud’s bitters
  81. Scofflaw – rye, french vermouth, lemon, grenadine, orange bitters
  82. Seelbach – bourbon, cointreau, champagne, bitters
  83. Sherry Cobbler – sherry, sugar, fruit, soda
  84. Sidecar – cognac, cointreau, lemon **For a fantastic variation, try the Loire Sidecar at L’Abattoir**
  85. Silver Fizz – spirit, lemon, sugar, egg white, soda
  86. Singapore Sling – gin, cherry heering, lime, pineapple, cointreau, benedictine, grenadine, angostura bitters
  87. Smash – spirits, sugar, water, mint
  88. Stinger – cognac, creme de menthe
  89. Suffering Bastard – bourbon, gin, lemon, ginger beer, angostura bitters
  90. Tailspin – gin, italian vermouth, green chartreause, campari
  91. ‘Ti Punch – rhum agricole, lime, sugar
  92. Toddy – spirit, sugar, hot water
  93. Tom & Jerry – rum, brandy, egg, nutmeg
  94. Twentieth Century Cocktail – gin, lemon, creme de cacao, lillet blanc
  95. Vesper – gin, vodka, lillet
  96. Vieux Carre – cognac, rye, italian vermouth, benedictine, angostura & peychaud’s bitters
  97. Whiskey Skin – scotch, lemon, hot water
  98. White Lady – gin, cointreau, lemon
  99. Widow’s Kiss – calvados, benedictine, yellow chartreause, angostura bitters
  100. Zombie – jamaican rum, lime, lemon, pineapple, passion fruit syrup, brown sugar, angostura bitters

Next Seattle trip…

22 Jun
  1. Seafair Festival – Friday – Sunday, August 1 – 3. Watch the Blue Angels practicing manouvers overhead while sipping French hot chocolate on Mount Baker. We go Thursday/Friday when they practice or perform? Fear of crowds.
  2. Pawnshops – I know… dingy much? But looking for a digital SLR to take to Asia.
  3. Iona Beach – I miss the garlic mayo grilled chicken sandwich on sourdough.
  4. Meander… in the daytime so we know where we are.
  5. Farmers Markets! – remember, food is non taxable!
  6. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – biggest of the year! Starts Friday, July 18-Sunday, August 3.

…more to come…

To buy….

13 Oct

1) External hard drive for family photos

2) Glasses

3) korean skincare

4) food

Chanel Fall 2007

18 Jun

Will be on in July 2007

Need to get: Tuilpe Noir nail polish (LD)

Barbie Loves MAC!!

20 Feb

My current inspiration:

barbie mac 1


  • Lipglass in Sweetness
  • Eyeshadows: Mothbrown, Springtime Skipper (green), Whistle (pastel pink), Magic Dust (light frosty gold)
  • Blush: Don’t Be Shy (sold out!)
  • Liquidlast liner: Classic Gold, Visionaire

On hold and to pick up today:

  • Lipglass: Malibu Barbie & Fashion Pack (both sold out)
  • Lipstick: Real Doll and Rockin’ Chick (both sold out)
  • Eyeshadow: Playful (pink! and also completely sold out)

Being delivered (I love Nordstroms!):

  • Beauty Powder: Pearl Sunshine and Pearl Blossom (first items to be sold out! cannot find anywhere!)

To hunt for today:

  • Glimmershimmer: Loves Pink

Perfumes acquired and to acquire

9 Jan


Chypre Rouge: notes include thyme, pine needles, pecans, fruit gums, honey, beeswax, jasmine, patchouli, amber, vanilla, moss and musks. Chypre Rouge, the mysterious and sultry fragrance from Serge Lutens, takes one into a magical forest where the pine trees are festooned with fragrant mosses and the fallen leaves have the aroma of caramelized pecans. An opulent undercurrent of jasmine and honey fills the heart of this beautiful composition with a richness that lends a seductive warmth to the finished result. Its polished lacquer red form reclines onto the darkness of patchouli, amber and fruit gums making for a mesmerizing fragrance. A bit of coffee to me.

Vetiver Orientale: Serge Lutens limited edition Eau de Parfum for Winter 2004. Created for the extraordinary Serge Lutens boutique at Palais Royal Garden in Paris, Vétiver Oriental is based on the freshness of Vétiver and blended with creamy, soft iris. Middle notes are sandalwood, woody accord with hints of chocolate,musk and add a hint of benzoin and gaiac wood to complete the fragrance. A incredibly sensual vetiver! Listed as the best vetiver fragrance in the French magazine.

Un Bois Vanille: Serge Luten’s opulent vanilla scent is composed with black liquorice, sandalwood and a hint of coconut milk. Inspired by a mexican beverage recipe back from 1519.


Bulure de Rose: A stylistic composition dedicated to the Rose, surrounded by metallic and powdery tones. To start with, an aromatic note of Brazilian rosewood and greenery. The magic of a perfume within a perfume, an ever-changing harmony which we have called ‘Rose Day’ recalling the flower’s life cycle: the fresh, pearly, almost lemon-scented bud, then the new bloom, subtly modulating from the ethereal fragrance at its heart to the romance of its petals. Finally the mature flower, a potent trail of fragrance– warm and heady– all these elements are blended with rose amber and raspberry musk by a velvety harmony of vanilla and cocoa. For cold days…

L’Eau de Circe :Damask rose, jasmine, osmanthus, orchid, ylang ylang, white peach leaves, tangerine, patchouli, wood, amber and honey balm. The legend of Circe, an enchantress in the mythological tale of the Odyssey, greatly inspired the perfumer: She caused the loss of Ulysses’ companions through her magic spells. Eau de Circé is a ‘magic potion’ exploring a new kind of Oriental perfume: light, aerian with transparency, an evanescent oriental. Captivating and magnetic, it draws it mystery from a precious floral blend of Absolute of Damask Rose, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Orchid, Ylang-ylang, white Peach leaves and Tangerine. Sensual and scheming with Patchouli, Wood and Amber, the warm, caressing Honey Balm brings light and delicate sweetness to the scent. For Spring/Summer.

Querelle : notes of citrus, Iranian black caraway, myrrh, cinnamon, Haitian vetiver, incense, oakmoss and ambergris. All year round.

To consider:

L’Artisan Perfumer –

Timbuktu: The fragrance notes are green mango, pink pepper berries, cardamom, karo karounde flower, incense, papyrus wood, balms and spices, patchouli, myrrh, benzoin and vetiver. Also.. dirt, old parchment, incense.

Fou d’Absinthe: features notes of frozen alcohol, absinthe, blackcurrant buds, angelica, star anise, four spices cocktail (pepper, clove, nutmeg, and ginger), patchouli, pine needles, cistus and fir balsam.

L’Artisan describes the opening of Fou d’Absinthe as…

…a steely grip of icy-cool alcohol, enveloped by an explosively aromatic bouquet composed of absinthe, a green, slightly bitter note, tingling spirit of angelica and crispy spring-like


Yuzu ab Irato: A delicate show of force, one spritz of Yuzu Ab Irato will bring golden sunshine and a joyful smile even if you’re in the darkest of moods on a frigid winter day. Surrender to its beguiling charms and you’ll revel in its gorgeous tart, green opening: a not-quite-ripe Japanese yuzu (think: lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange) followed by a crisp spearmint. This sparkling brew is soon joined by another type of green: the delicate herbs of thyme, hyssop and myrtle. Into this refreshing dream pop pepper and soft, watery florals like hyacinth…it’s a gorgeous, olfactory water-color painting that’s more than a little flirtatious. Teasing, fresh and delightful! yuzu, spearmint, pepper, magnolia, jasmine, hyacinth, thyme, hyssop, myrtle, bamboo.

To bake in the next few weeks

17 Dec

Gingersnaps, pistachio-spice cookies, madelines (lemon/honey/earl grey), cardamom palmiers, shortbread, cream scones (not my flaky ones), lemon curd, banana bread.

Christmas in Vancouver: Beauty inventory

5 Dec

Beautybar  has new brand and stuff for Christmas. To consider for wishlist:

  • Kevyn Aucoin : They just got this ULTRA exclusive line just 2 days ago. The whole works… brushes, blushes, sensual skin enhancers, airbrush foundations etc.
  • Paul and Joe : also available at Sephora.
  • Tocca : They have the newest 3 perfumes! Stella, Touch and Florence. Experience it for yourself. $90cdn.
  • Scott Barnes : The new sets have arrived! Glamourous and Stunning. $80cdn.
  • Brands they have: Too Faced, Fresh, Sundari, Mor, Dessert, Comptoir Sud Pacific, Voluspa, Nickel (men’s), Alan Cumming, Aroma M, Three Custom Color, Cargo, Diane Brill Lip Lingerie, Lollia (best hand cremes), Belli (for pregnant moms and babies), Sweetspot (for ‘down there’) and more. 2142 W. 4th Ave  Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC  V6K 1N6

Beautymark is the only one in Canada (or just Vancouver) that carries Mario Badescu, Ojon, Paula Dorf, Breath Palette. Sales people are snobby though and getting worse. Beautybar has awesome staff and greet you like they know you (though they probably don’t). 1120 Hamilton Street #103 Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2

Kiss and Makeup in West Vancouver has the most gorgeous cashmere Swarovski shawls by $280cdn at least. Also carries Stephanie Johnson like of cosmetic travel bags, Bond No. 9 (exclusive!), Sue Devitt, Yu-Be Japanese hand miracle, Malin + Goetz. Unit H2-925 Main Street, The Village at Park Royal, West Vancouver B.C. V7T 2Z3

All in all, I’m still loyal to beautybar. It was product overload!