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New toy!

17 Jul


The stars will favor all your endeavors: don’t have doubts about your capacities; you have every chance to succeed in whatever you undertake. You may be admitted into a very closed circle, and you’ll have a great feeling of pride and security. In your work, this will be the ideal time to achieve the project dearest to your heart and to promote your personal initiatives. Don’t ever allow the past to haunt you, otherwise you’ll create many worries for yourself. Good health conditions.

Yes, the techie granted me a Blackberry Curve (that I don’t really need because my old one worked but it was unattractive) today! After too much stalking, bothering, whining….

Changed from Rogers to Bell, and the csa gave me the $150 device for only $50!

Now it’s time to bling it:

To buy at Target: Comforter set

7 Jul

8-pc. comforter set

Sale $59 Any size
Choose from 2 styles. Available in queen and king sizes. Set includes:
• 1 comforter
• 2 shams
• 2 Euro shams
• 2 decorative pillows
• 1 bedskirt
Prices good July 6–12, 2008

The Puffy Pony

3 Jul

puffy pony

OK this is a must buy!

Ugh… It’s UGG time

3 Jul

Though I’d never admit it, I love my UGGS. I wear them in winter (they have no traction, BTW), slip them on in the summer (hey… they’re Australian surfer boots) and just love love love them. I have a sand pair (need new ones) and a raspberry. And I never, never wear them with socks. They are to be worn commando and they make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

The UGG Fall collection is available at Nordstoms for pre-order. Hm, the anniversary sale is coming up on July 18th. Perhaps they will be on sale then?

I must get a pair of any of these:

UGG® Australia ‘Raya’ Tall Boot with Buckle Detail


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Naturactor makeup in Singapore

27 Jun

Hai Tong Co Pte Ltd., Blk.4 Sago Lane #01-125, Singapore 050004.(Singapore Chinatown)

Nike Youth Graphic Hoodie

23 Jun

So i saw this at the Nike outlet. It fit fabulous, the stripes were super flattering and the hood was so cute (and made my hair look oh-so-good. Unfortunately this ran a bit small and the XS was a pain to get into and out of, so I really need a small.

$29.99 at the outlet, $41 at None left on

I think I’ll just keep watching the price.

To Buy: Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

22 May

DULAINE: (tried on, looks fab. Beats the Dita and MK one)

Black with black/grey gradient lenses. Classic sunglasses. $350.

The gradient lenses are a MUST! Otherwise they look stupid, as seen here:

STRUMMER (aviators): need to try on.;jsessionid=UIGTVUNN4B5M2CQAAKLBPVA?itemId=prod25610135&parentId=cat208100&masterId=cat203701&index=3&cmCat=cat000000cat202801cat203105cat245205cat245306cat208100


22 May

The Container Store in Bellevue, Washington.

Want specifically laundry stuff:

Must get book

14 May


The first book of its kind: a definitive guide to the world of perfume
Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez are experts in the world of scent. Turin, a renowned scientist, and Sanchez, a longtime perfume critic, have spent years sniffing the world’s most elegant and beautiful as well as some truly terrible perfumes. In “Perfumes: The Guide,” they combine their talents and experience to review more than twelve hundred fragrances, separating the divine from the good from the monumentally awful. Through witty, irreverent, and illuminating prose, the reviews in “Perfumes” not only provide consumers with an essential guide to shopping for fragrance, but also make for a unique reading experience.

Material obsessions/need to get

2 Apr
  • Method Home products – one word…. AMAZING!! I have a scrubby bathtub with scum buildup leftover from face cleansers, exfoliators, shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, bath bombs, bath oils etc. Hard, oily scum that VIM with bleach can’t penetrate even with vicious scrubbing and destroyed not one, but 2 Mr. Clean Magic erasers. A few spritzes of the Eucalyptus Mint scented Bathroom – tub + tile spray(ingredients: corn/coconut-derived and biodegradable surfactant blend, citric acid, potassium hydrate, corn alcohol, non-toxic and biodegradable solvent, fragrance oil blend, color, preservative (under 0.1%), purified water) and a swipe of the scrubber and the oily dirt is gone! Who knew going natural would be so effective! (Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Target, Fred Meyers etc). Next on the list: Sweet Water aroma sticks, ring and pill!
  • Yogatoes Toe Stretchers – because only the toes on one foot does what I command.
  • Fitflops – for summer wear, and claims it will tone my thighs and bum. Ok, I’ll bite. Must buys in silver, black patent leather and bronze. $59.99.
  • Nu jazz – thank you MelodyDiachun
  • cashmere wrap dress – 2 more days on ebay
  • Velvet by Graham and Spencer V neck dressw/ruched waist – waited 2 years for this!
  • Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30 – because I’m getting old. So old.
  • Nike corset aerobic tops = HOT and Nike Dance wear
  • eco-friendly reusable bag I actually like and will use