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How to make a Shiba Inu out of paper

6 Apr

Secrets of the Shiba Revealed

6 Apr

Secrets of the Shiba Revealed (found on a Yahoo Group)

#1. A Shiba Inu expands to fit the space available to it. (Your bed, chair, the couch, whatever)
#2. A Shiba will always try to crawl up your nose or get into your socks (that you are wearing) when you have to concentrate on something else.
#3. Shibas make you feel guilty for eating your own food.
#4. Your chair is always the Shiba’s preferred place of rest. (You need leave for only for a split second to have it occupied when you come back)
#5. If you don’t leave your chair, the Shiba might just occupy it with you.
#6. Shibas have great difficulty hearing their name, commands and demands,
however, they can hear the dropping of a food morsel in the kitchen and be there before it reaches the floor, the soft opening of the refrigerator door in a
busy household and the footsteps of a skunk, outside in a rainstorm.
#7. Shiba Inus are habit forming. (You might find yourself wanting more than one, we did.)
#8. Shibas assume ownership of everything in “their” household: people, other
dogs, cats, birds, turtles, furniture, misc. objects, etc. (Anything or anyone outside the home or yard is a”stranger” and must be barked at: people, other dogs, cats, birds, turtles, etc.)
#9. The less you pay for a toy, the more fun a Shiba will have with it. (Cardboard paper towel cores are an all time favorite.)
#10. A Shiba can make food fall out of your hand or off your plate by it’s mind
power alone. That constant, penetrating gaze doesn’t hurt either.
#11 If you drop something in the kitchen that is inedible, they will not be
there. See rule #6.