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Can’t get outta my head/on rotation: JYP’s Kiss

2 Sep

And oldie, but a goodie… and enough sexiness to start off the weekend. Weekends starts on Thursday =)

Jem: You’ve probably heard her before, but never heard of her

7 Jun

You’ve definitely heard Jem‘s songs before, but you’ve probably never heard of her. Her songs have been featured in everything from a Lexus ES 350 commercial (“Amazing Life”) to Grey’s Anatomy. Not to mention that she’s a fave of the music superisors at the CW network, and her music’s been on Gossip Girl, the OC, One Tree Hill, 90210 and the list goes on. I discovered her when I decided to search out the song of a “The Mentalist” promo – turns out that it’s called “It’s Amazing”. Not on the top 40’s (yet) and not your typical pop act, she’s Dido-esque but catchier. Her deep, soulful and sassy lyrics are set against a backdrop of, well, not any particular musical style, but a combo of the best of every genre.

Jem: It’s Amazing

Jem: I Want You To

Jem: Got It Good

Jem: They

Jem: Finally Woken

Jem: 24

Song: The Boy Who Murdered Love

3 Jun

From UK X-Factor’s Diana Vickers. Love the style of this video. Very Dace Spring 2010 – I’ve fallen in love with Lili Bulle btw. Great music for those warm lazy hazy days.

When it’s hard to wake up

26 May

You know you’re having one of those Mondays (or for me, it was the Tuesday after a long weekend) when you start the day using eye cream as face cream and spritzing hairspray instead of Evian on your face. All before that morning cup of coffee. But you know it’s not the caffeine in that cup that gives you that instant perk – what it really is, is the aroma.

I’m a scent connoisseur. Not that I collect bottles and bottles of perfume, though I do have a scent wardrobe and am very discerning about fragrances, but scents and aromas for me sets an atmosphere, recreates a memory or invokes a feeling. Whether using Narciso Rodriguez For Her to set a sultry mood for a night out, or burning Nippon Kodo’s Happy Valley in a hotel room to remind me of home. I keep Chandler Burr on my nightstand and Lucas Turin near the tub. I know when you walk by if you overloaded on Victoria Secret’s Love Spell, or you’re one of those lucky ones who can carry off Thierry Mugler’s Angel. But I digress.

Using scents and music (or droning news if you’re not prone to depression) is what helps me get out of the groggy and get ready for the workday (this does not apply to weekends, vacations btw – that’s a totally different scent category).

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser – Perfect for the mornings whether you’re groggy or not. The orange scent is perfect as a pick-me-up and the gentle exfoliating and cleansing removes all traces of last night’s face cream and sloughs off all the dirt, toxins and pollutants after a night of skin detoxing. Just not around the eyes, please.

Sephora Collection: Indulgences – Coffee & Cream Morning Body Scrub & Nyakio Kenyan Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub (line relaunching 2011). Not only is caffeine a cellulite-buster, but you get your coffee fix through your pores first thing in the morning. What could be better than that? Either works great, just depending if you prefer your coffee black or with cream.

Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream – the line is from Australia, but I discovered this in Asia where it has a major cult following. They are GREAT with samples, by the way. Buy on the continent online or at Barneys.

As for fragrance, that’ll be in another post. My music of choice to wake up these days is Annie Lennox’s Little Bird, Utah Saints Remix. Starts off mellow-ish, and within seconds you’ll be dancing around the room circa 1993.

Wondergirls and Leopard print

12 Jun

Has got me on a leopard print hunt. Heels, hoodie and chiffon top? Check. Need cardigan and dress. I love the Wondergirls!

So Hot MV w/English Subtitles

My fave Suju member Heechul doing his So Hot dance at theDream Concert:

Heechul and group (plus 2 members of current SuJuM) doing Tell Me dance:

And the pic that started it all: