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Haha of the day

6 Mar

This just appeared in my dashboard:

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29 Mar

Justin Timberlake

Wed, Sep 05 TBD

General Motors Place – Vancouver, BC

Postsecret: Secrets on Postcards / Secrets posted

5 Feb

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. Secrets posted every Sunday

Some of my faves/interesting ones:
 Damn right!!!

 (same comment as above)

The last one was for friend. 

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Fortune Cookie fortunes

5 Feb

fortune cookies

  • Someone will compliment you on your style. (yes!)
  • You will touch the hearts of many with your gift. (you mean the venture)
  • Take charge of your own life and decisions. (planning to starting Feb)
  • You have an important new venture shaping up. (definitely!)
  • A trip by air is in your future. (I sure hope so!)
  • Next month will be a special month for you. (So I’ve been told before)
  • A parnership will prove successful. (finally! hope the email works)

Noteable gossip of the day

7 Nov

Britney Spears files for divorce from K-Fed/Fed-Ex  Good thing she has a iron-clad prenup, but didn’t we all see this coming? Now if only Justin would break up from Cameron and get back with Brit… willpower working overtime today.
Kathy Hilton is proud of Paris’ Sex Tape Like mother, like daughter. Maybe it’s because I’m chinese, but why?

Anna Nicole Smith’s C-section video Don’t say I didn’t warn you