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Since everyone’s at Cafe Medina right this moment…

5 Jun

It’s gorgeous today – sunny, cool and blue skies and fluffy clouds as far as the eye can see. What it really is, is perfect brunch weather. Before I even looked outside I knew what it was like, because pretty much every Vancouverite on my twitter feed was heading to Cafe Medina.

I’m not going to post a long review because it’d be redundant. Everyone raves about the waffles, muses over the food, gushes about the coffee and laments about the wait time.

My must eats/drinks:

    Lavender Latte – regular lattes will ever taste the same again. Delicate and fragrant, with 49th Parallel as the coffee of choice (Organic Epic Espresso). I’m off to conjure up some lavender syrup (simple syrup infused with lavender buds overnight. Touch of honey?)
    Waffles – it’s the Belgian waffles that everyone raves about. Toppings offered:
    Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate Lavender, White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater, Fig Orange Marmalade, Raspberry Caramel, Mixed Berry Compote. If you want the liege waffles at home, head to Patisserie Lebeau where they make it fresh or sell frozen. Available in the frozen section at Meinhardt, Capers, Choices, Urban Fare, Whole Foods. I recreated the fig orange marmalade in a post a few years ago and will be posting a blueberry lavender and a blueberry/limoncello compote recipe soon.
    Le Chasseur – A savoury dish of 2 fried eggs, bison sausage, wild boar bacon, braised potato, watercress, roasted tomato, green peppercorn and grilled foccaccia. This was devoured so fast that I didn’t have a chance to take a photo. Perfect for sharing.
    UPDATE: Went there for my Lavender Latte fix this morning – another sign that Cafe Medina really cares about it’s food? Besides making their own waffles, they make their own syrup for their coffees. Check out all the vanilla beans in there! Good stuff!