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Magnolia Cupcakes made!

29 Apr

The Magnolia cupcakes were a moderate success – for attempting a new recipe and the fact that I’ve never made cupcakes before. It yielded 48 mini cupcakes but there was a bit too much icing. Overall the batter was sweet and topped with icing this was definitely cavity inducing. I won’t even mention the amount of butter and icing sugar that went into this, and that’s probably why I haven’t even tried one yet!

Note about the icing: max 2 drops of food colouring only! Or else the colour becomes too rich (the pink was a bit garish), and the icing will dilute and become runny. Trick with the icing – because this is butter creme, the butter after mixing and handling will become too soft and runny. Especially if you’re going to pipe it, it will run because of the temperature of your hands. After making the icing, put it in the fridge for 5 minutes. Then you can stir it to make it smooth and then it’ll be easier to work with and there will be more texture to the icing! Return to the fridge for a few minutes whenever you feel like it’s starting to ‘melt’.

Pic above is post fridge of icing using a spatula and to the right is piped post mixing without refrigerating. To note, the colour above looks yellow, but it’s actually avocado (a light minty green). The food colouring I got at the Ming Wo on West Broadway (at Bayswater). Did you know that’s a Ming Wo warehouse?? They have tons of food colouring other than the regular red/yellow/blue. They have mauve to electric pink, light blue to electric blue, avocado to bright green, brown (for chocolate), white and black. $2.50 each and a little bottle goes a long way since you’re only using a few drops!

UPDATE: So I let the guinea pigs at work try the cupcakes for breakfast. Pink was by far the most popular colour – for girls AND guys! The cake itself is deelish (of course!) but the icing was too sweet. Perhaps I’ll try a cream cheese icing next time.