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the Stacked Ponytail

14 Jul

I can never achieve the classic sleek high ponytail – with my thick, coarse hair it usually ends up looking like a frazzled yak tail. However, this stacked ponytail that LC was sporting on the finale of the Hills (it’s finally over!) is a perfect summer ‘do that can go from the office to dinner, and may finally relieve me of my ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ look.

Courtesy of Bellasugar

  1. Start by separating the front of the hair from the back. Tease the front section, and pull back slightly to one side, securing with an elastic at the crown. Be sure to focus on keeping the front pouffy, and use a comb to lightly tame any roughness.
  2. Next, curl the back portion of the hair and pull back into a ponytail directly below the ponytail you created in the previous step.
  3. Spritz the style with hairspray to hold. Tip: for an added touch, twist two to three skinny-sized sections from the top ponytail and pin each under the bottom ponytail.